April 13, 2008

Ahhhh.. Spring Cleaning

What a busy day today.. More so for Lou than for myself.. I was busy but he did a lot of the heavy cleaning that I can no longer do.. but it's SO nice too have clean windows again:)
I finally got the gazzillion piles of paper work on my desk in my office sorted and put away.. I had a couple months of paid bills piled up and other things.. You couldn't see the bottom of the desk but now it's all put away and the desk is clean and neat. Lou steamed all the furniture and washed the couch covers.. With 8 dogs you learn to like couch covers so your couches don't get ruined...The weather was beautiful here today.. Little chilly, maybe about 61 but the cool crisp air feels good. I've had my back door open all day long, have been listening too the wind chimes all day and the dogs have been loving it because they've been able to run in and out as they please all day.
I love nice days like this when all the windows can be open..
Tomorrow morning we take Lady too the vet too have her stitches removed and then I have to call and deal with Blue Cross and Shield.. Fun fun.. They keep screwing up all our claims all the time and no matter how many times we call they still screw it up.. I think it may be a prerequisite that you have to be a moron to work in claims for an insurance company.

This will be a short post today.. It's sunday so that means it's HBO and Showtime night... John Adams will be on HBO at 9 pm and The Tudors will be on Show at 9 pm .. So I'll DVR John Adams because I MUST see the Tudors first.. It's one of my most favorite shows...

Anyhow, thats it for today.. ~~~Good night and God Love you~~

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  1. Hiya Robby! This isn't just for this particular blog entry but for all of them. I just spent abut 20 minutes reading them all, looking at the pictures. I so enjoyed getting to know even more about you, Lou and the menagerie! LOL My AOL email got so piled up (secondary to my primary email on pacbell.net) that I just couldn't respond to it all, but your blog caught me and I could go away without saying how much I liked it. Looking forward to more entries. ((((((((((( Robby, Lou and puppy dogs ))))))))).

    PS, I couldn't get any of the sign-offs to work so I chose Anonymous, but it's me...Molly/Moolhead at AOL. :)


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