April 11, 2008

April 11th 2008

Well another nice day in South Carolina. That is, if you like 80 degrees in April which I"m not fond of myself but when there's no humidity mixed in it's actually not too bad..My morning started of later than usual. My alarm kept going off for me to get up but I just kept ignoring it and finally it shut up and I didn't get out of bed until 930 am.
You're probably wondering why someone who doesn't work outside the home would set their alarm to get up the morning anyway.. Well, it's all got too do with this train wreck called my body. Due to my ailments and as odd as it sounds, if I sleep too much I feel lousy and if I don't sleep enough I feel lousy.. It's a very fine balancing act that lately I haven't been doing to well at keeping balanced. I finally hauled myself out of bed at 1030 am and went into the den to talk with Lou for a little while. As I sat there I could hear my brain screaming " get up, do something, ya can't sit around all day" and in reply my body just kept telling my brain too shut up and leave it alone.. Its never been fun trying too be the referee between your body and your brain.. Another fine balancing act that I don't always do too well at.

Eventually by 11 am I forced myself to get up and start moving.. Had to clean up the kitchen and unload the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and put the dirty ones in. Had to sweep up the kitchen floor because Matty and Jake dragged in some dirt from the yard when they went out earlier. By the time I got done doing all that which I admit, for most people isn't a huge task but for my body some days, it's akin to climbing a mountain and today was one of those, I was pretty much wiped out.. Weak, dizzy, very tired and in pain all over my body.. Nothing new just hate when it happens. But, at least the kitchen was cleaned up (no small task) in my house and the dishes were all put away.

Lou left around 1130 to go to the bank and make a deposit and when he got home he was kind enough to go and make the bed for me... Somewhere about 1230 I came into the bedroom to lay down on top of the bed. Covered myself with one of the blankets I made and popped on the laptop hoping to find some work but no luck so I spent the next 40 mins reading through message boards which is something I like to do. I took my sleeping pill at 1 pm and hoped to lay down like 130 and take a nap (more on the sleeping pill issue later)...I did lay down at 130 but I could not sleep for the life of me. I watched an old black and white movie on TCM hoping it would lull me to sleep but no luck. So I turned off the TV hoping the quiet would help me fall to sleep but my mind was so noisy I couldn't think straight... Too much on my mind.. Money, the lack of, overdue bills, things that need to be done around the house it was ridiculous. I tossed and turned till 230 and then snuggled with Bailey for a bit ( my lil lhaso apso who always sleeps with me and then cuddles with me for a few minutes when he wakes up). Finally got up about 245 and had some of my home made chicken and barley soup with some rice crackers.

Once again I hopped on the laptop hoping for some work and yet again, No work.... So I thought, enough time wasted sitting here in this little box time to do something constructive so I cleaned out one of the draws in my dresser where I had all kinds of things.. I threw lots of things out. It was mostly junk and then I came across a few treasures I didn't know where in there.. Handwritten notes that my Mom had done, some pictures of her and my niece Jillianne when my niece was about 5, a few pictures of Richie.. One when were going out together (I was 16 he was 18) and two of him after he was in the Army. I also came across a poem my niece had written my mom about Grandmothers when she was in school at the age of 6 or 7..and a poem I must have cut out from somewhere and given too her about Mothers..Course, brought tears too my eyes for a few moments and a feeling of deep pain in my soul but thats too be expected. Two people who I loved and still love dearly who are no longer with me.. My Mom and Richie.

Well finally decided it was time to put that stuff in a nice safe place so I placed in with 2 small catholic magazines I have been saving. One with a photo of on the cover of Pope John Paul ll and the other issue with a photo on the cover of Pope Benedict XVl right after he became Pope.
I got the draw all organized which is a shocker in itself. I'm one of those stuffer people.. if I can't find a spot for it, stuff it in a draw and forget about it...

Then I went into my bathroom and cleaned out the 3 drawers in the vanity.. I can't believe how much crap a woman can pile up.. Make up, nail stuff, face creams, body creams, Hair clips, ties and combs.. Most of it went into the garbage except the tons of lipsticks I found.. Im a lipstick hoarder. There my secret is out, you got me.. I hoard lipstick. Someone call the men in the white coats..

Well by the time I got done doing that, once again I'm tired and in pain so I am back resting on my bed, watching TV and messing around on my laptop. Lou is asleep on the couch in the den and to my delight all 8 dogs are quiet and sleeping.. Unfortunately that peace is about to be shattered because I need to get up and go get some ice water...

Tonight I will probably watch All My Children which I DVR each day, then Canterburys Law comes on.. I have a few phone calls to make and once again I will be looking online to see if I can get any work so I can get a check next week... Guess thats all for now...Until next time~~~~
Good night and God love you~~~

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