April 14, 2008

JAKEYDOO!! Sunday, April 13th 2008

Jake Jake Jake, what to do with Jake?

We had another incident with Jake last night... This time he bit Bailey..Not badly but he put a small puncture in the back of Baileys neck...

My husband and I after we all calmed down and I took care of Bailey are just baffled.. Jake has NEVER been aggressive like this before so whats going on? I lost a lot of sleep over this last night.. For me, when you adopt an animal no matter what kind it's a life long commitment and when things go wrong.... and THEY WILL you don't just throw them away like the days garbage.. These animals depend on us for their very lives and it's a commitment one needs to think about VERY Deeply BEFORE bringing and animal into your home.. OK, off my soap box about that..

Anyways, as I said, I lost a lot of sleep last night thinking about all this.. I thought about maybe finding a rescue that could place Jake in a home with no other dogs, I thought about seeing if I couldn't find him a good loving home without any dogs but realized that I can't do that.. Number one, Jake is NOT mean, he never has been..Obviously something is happening that I am not seeing and I had too go over EVERYTHING in my mind to try and understand his behavior as of late.. A few things came too mind.. The constant bullying of the little ones.. They are CONSTANTLY bullying Jake and Matty.. Even though they are more than 40 pounds smaller they don't seem to care.. then I realized... This is a pack thing. I have 8 dogs and as much as I love them and think of them as my children they are "still" dogs and "still" have that animal instinct in them as much as I'd like too think they are domesticated beyond that.. They're not and it's high time I was honest with myself..BUT even given that, thats no reason to give up on Jake.I can't do that.. I made a commitment to this animal and Im not going too give up on him when it gets rough.. Something is different and I need to figure it out and take the appropriate action...

Finally not feeling well and being exhausted I guess I fell asleep somewhere around 2 am still with no answers I think mostly because my brains were fried between worrying about Bailey, Jake and the whole situation. When we went too the vet today I told the Dr. about what happened again with Jake and asked for his advice.. Well didn't I feel stupid after he gave it to me.. It was SO obvious but I've been worrying about our financial and health situations so much lately I didn't even see what was right under my damn nose.. The problem with Jake is........... LIZZY!..
Lizzy my English Setter is the ONLY one of my 8 who is not fixed and she's in heat.. The 2 dominant males of the pack which are Matty (Lab mix) and Bruiser(lhasa Apso) have been trying to keep everyone away from her and THATS what happened yesterday and how Bailey got bit. I saw the whole thing but it happened so damn fast I didn't have time too think about it..
All the dogs were romping in the yard yesterday late in the day.. Jake was standing there, Bruiser was on one side of him moaning and growling at him (his way of telling Jake to stay the hell away from Lizzy) and Bailey walked over and decided he would get in on the action.. (dumbass, he's only 22 pounds, Jake is almost 80) but it's a "Pack" thing and I realized today.,
Anyway, Jake got tired of Bruisers crap and went at him and Bailey was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he got it as well only worse than Bruiser because he's made of steal and Bailey is so small...
So the conclusion too all of this mess is.. The vet said as soon as Lizzy is out of heat to get her in and get her fixed and it "should" put an end too Jakes aggression...He's almost positive it will.. but on the chance it doesn't then there are other avenues with training etc we can take.. Until Lady is fixed Jake is to be separated from the rest of "the pack" which he has been and he's been fine....
So next month, I am PRAYING we have the money, Lizzy will go in and be fixed and hopefully I will have my old mushy Jakeydoo back.. Wish us luck!
Good Night and God Love you~~~

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