April 14, 2008

MONDAY, April 14th 2008

Well, this morning was rough going for me.. Wasn't feeling well to start with and I didn't sleep much the night before but, I needed to force myself to get up because Lady had to be at the vet at 945 am to have the stitches taken out....Besides the huge bite in her neck from Jake she had a few small ones on the top of her head that had a stitch or 2 in them.. So I dragged myself out of bed and got ready too go.. Lady wasn't too crazy about going too the vet either because she hates going there.. She gets very scared.. She also isn't really crazy about being in the truck either.. She was never one for car rides.. So we all loaded into the truck, me , Lou and Lady... It takes us about 35 mins to get to the vet.
Once we arrived at the vet we only waited a few minutes before we saw the DR. and to our surprise, Ladys stitches had.......... disappeared!.... They couldn't find them in her head.. the vet said sometimes the dogs will rub them out which I believed thats what Lady did with hers because she loved rubbing and mashing her head into blankets and the side of the couch.. So, she probably rubbed them right out somewhere along the line which in a way was good for her.. She couldn't wait too get out of there..

On the way home, we stopped at the store and mommy (me) and daddy (Lou) bought them all new squeekie toys which they LOVE LOVE... Lou bought Bailey a special one.. Baileys LOVES the plush squeekie balls so Lou picked him up one just the right size that he can carry it in his mouth and its a different color from the rest.. Bailey played with it all afternoon but ofcourse killed the squeekie in it within less than an hour... We also call Bailey the "Squeekie Killer".. He LOVES taking the squeekie toys and finding the squeeker inside it and then he chews at it and steps on it until the squeekie doesn't work anymore.. Silly? Yep, but thats his thing...

I was SO tired by the time we got home. I layed down about 12 pm and Casablanca had just come on ( one of my fav classics) so I figured I'd watch that and take a nap afterwards for a little while.. YEAH.. RIGHT.. I fell asleep maybe a half hour into the movie and slept until 5 PM!. I was in such a deep sleep that when I woke up I thought it was 5 am the next morning.. Don't ya hate when that happens?

Was a dreary day here in SC... Cool, upper 50's cloudy and it rained just a little bit. Drastic change in the weather.. We went from 80 degrees yesterday too high 50's today and tomorrow.. by the end of the week we should be in the mid 70's again.

As for tonight, not much happening.. Cleaned up my kitchen, unloaded my dishwasher and made the sauce for my eggs in the morning.. I watched the 6th episode of John Adams on HBO on demand. By the way, if you haven't seen any of that mini series I HIGHLY recommend it .. Its all about the birth of our country.. Its VERY well put together and the acting is outstanding. Next week is the last episode. I am hoping they will put it out on DVD because I would like too buy it. Its a mini series I know I would watch again.. I am also hoping HBO would continue on with the birth of our nation but I dont see that happening...Would be nice though..

Last night I watched The Tudors on showtime. Also another EXCELLENT series on that if you have no seen I also HIGHLY recommend. Anne Boliene (Spelling) should be getting her head lopped off soon. ... LOL.. Very good series though..

So right now, I'm just blogging my thoughts, watching PM style on QVC (no not buying anything, unfortunately as much as I like QVC they gear their clothes towards 90 yr old women. not my bag.) and at 10 pm Medium comes on.. I am also anxiously awaiting all the coverage on the Popes visit to the USA on EWTN tomorrow and throughout his entire visit...I really hope this will give the American people, catholic or not a chance to see what this Pope is about.. Who he is and what he is about..He is obviously very popular among americans catholic and non catholic because there have been something like over 500,000.00 tickets requested too the 2 masses he will preside over and only 180 thousand were able to be given out...Someone summed up Pope Benedict VXl's papacy very well.. A lot of people aren't sure what this pope is about.. MOST catholics are used to Pope John Paul ll "The Great" and it's been hard to get a grasp on Pope Benedict XVl but I think this quote sums it up well. " Pope John Paul ll touched and moved our hearts, Pope Benedict XVl makes us think"..I couldn't agree more and I think it's a perfect combination.

I guess thats it for tonight...Until next time~~ Good night and God love you..

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