April 13, 2008

Poor Lady Girl

My poor Lady Girl.. This is here by the way..
last week on Friday Lou and I went food shopping.. I have 8 dogs and we usually separate the little ones from the big ones but like an absent minded nitwit I forgot too.. When I came home it seems Lady got into a fight with Jake. Here he is.. Little bit of a weight difference huh? Well, Jake bit her on the neck.. When I got home she was running around like usual as if nothing was wrong.. Then I looked at her and saw red ALL over her the front of her neck.. Well ofcourse, I flipped out and started to panic and cry.. Called the vet and rushed her up there.. She ended up with stitches in her neck AND a few small ones in her head that I didn't even notice...I felt so horrible this all happened because it was my fault.. I didn't separate them. had I done so this wouldn't have happened then I felt even WORSE because she was SO scared at the vet she HATES going there but thank goodness we have a wonderful vet, he fixed her all up and we got her home.. She was a nervous wreck the whole ride home and finally calmed down after I took her into the bedroom with me and let her rest on the bed with me for the rest of the night...
Its a week later, she had her check up which she also hated and everything looks good.. The bite has begun to close up nicely. She's still on her antibiotics to ward off any infection she may have ended up with but overall she's doing well..
As for Jake, well thats a tough one..Like people who have human children, these dogs are my children and I love them as much as any mom could love their human child.. What do you do when your children get into a serious fight and one hurts the one? Send him or her away? Ofcourse you don't.. So although I was angry at Jake for doing what he did I also understood it.
You have to learn something about Lady.. She is a Lhasa Apso which means she's a small dog..I have 5 of those, 2 Lab mixes and one English setter..I have 5 males and 2 females of which Lady is one.. Out of the 8 of them? Lady has more balls ans guts than ANY of them.. She takes no crap from anyone and she likes too dish it out.. She is CONSTANTLY breaking Jakes balls and I guess that day he knew we were home, he'd had enough of it and he went at her.. So while I was VERY upset that Lady was hurt, still am.. I also understood why Jake did what he did... So now I make SURE they are separated at ALL times... Lady's next check up isn't until next week.. I"ll post more when I know more...
Good night and God Love you~~

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