April 30, 2008

Side Affects a Little "too" Shocking..

We went on Tuesday to see a new Pain Management guy for Lou who specializes in nerve

stimulation implants for people with chronic pain...The doctor came in , shook my husband had said hello nice too met you, looked at me and said "you claim him?" I said yes he said "How long?" I said, 10 years.. Odd way too start a conversation I thought but OK... We continue on... He sat down and said, well I know about you let me tell you about me..and began too rattle off all the schooling he's done, how many procedures he's done blah blah.. I mean as he was rattling I was thinking "Geez, does this guy have an off button somewhere?"..

After he got done with his presentation he then wanted to physically check my husband out, well if he tried to make my husband move any faster I was SURELY going to start looking for that off button.. It was like the guy had too much caffeine before he saw us and my poor husband was just lookin at him like "is he for real"... I mean, he was a nice guy but damn boy , Slow down!!.

Anywho, this morning we watched all the DVD's he gave us about the procedure and read the materials and for now I think we are going too hold off.. While it seems like a nothing type of thing there are A LOT of side affects...One being the possibility of paralysis when they have too thread the 2 small wires into the back into the spinal cord and the others are risk of infection and bleeding which is common in any procedure but AFTERWARDS is when you can have real issue's. Such as, no longer being able to go for an MRI because while these little wires send tiny electrical shocks to your nerves in the spinal column they also work on magnetic capabilities as well so there goes the MRI unless ofcourse you wanna have an MRI and end having the Magnet from the MRI machine rip the device out of your back.. No No, dont want that.. Then there is the possibility of having problems when going in and coming out of stores where they also have their theft devices hooked up your implant could trip them and A. it can send uncomfortable sensations up your spine and or set off the stores system. (talk about embaressment)...then there is also a worry about movement, there is a possibility of moving the wrong way and then the wires move the wrong way inside and could do damage and or you have to go back in and have it fixed. You also need to be careful being around any kind of flammable gases and certain types of explosives etc so right now Lou is going to keep on the medication route until he has exhausted ALL possibilities..The implant think is just simply not right for him not yet...

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