May 24, 2008

Backways Assward???

Well last night proved too be interesting, weird and frightening all wrapped up into one..As most of you know I've been chronically ill for many many years. Last night was a bad night for me physically as I went too bed not feeling well at all... Usually when this happens I can go to sleep and wake up feeling a little better than I had....

I finally was able to fall asleep last night somewhere around 2 am. For some reason lately I seem too have my days and nights mixed up.. Sleep all morning and I'm awake till 1, 2 am..
about 3:30 am I woke up from a dream. Least I thought thats what woke me up but it wasn't...I do remember I was having a pleasant dream and towards the end of it in the dream I started too not feel well. I could physically feel not feeling well in my dream and that was what woke me. I remember whoever I was talking too in my dream I was telling them how bad I was feeling and I had better go lay down. I woke up about a second after this and I felt absolutely horrible..

Now don't people who are feeling sick usually go to sleep? Well my body woke me up because I felt so bad.. I've never been woken up out of my sleep because I didn't feel good...Seems kinna backwards too me.. Thats why the name of this post is what it is..Lou had fallen asleep on the couch because of his back and legs, at least I thought he was sleeping until I heard him coughing. So I called him on the phone and he came in the bedroom and sat with me a few minutes too help ward off the fear I was feeling at that moment.. I couldn't figure out why I would wake up from a deep sleep because I didn't feel well.. Have never in 17 years had that happen before.

I guess I sat up for a little bit, had some water and a cracker or two which only helped too make my nausea feel worse.. I flipped through the TV channels.. gosh, did you know there is nothing of substance on TV at 4 am besides shopping channels and infomercials!?

I ended up watching HSN for a bit as they were having a fashion clearance but with the sound off because at 4 am when I was feeling as bad as I was I can't TAKE listening too the hosts cackle away.

I fell asleep once again until about 8 am when Lou came in and brought me some eggs too eat. Still didn't feel too good but I ate them because I was hungry. I watched the news for a little bit rolled over, Bailey curled up next too me and I went back too sleep until 1145 am. I feel a little better than I had been but not by much and now my day is completely screwed up from my sleep being all messed up but I have the feeling it's not going too matter much since my body really doesn't want to do much but stay in bed anyway...

So another day in bed.. I guess I'll wait a couple more days and see how it goes. If it doesn't get any better it will be off too the doctor once again...

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