May 13, 2008

Medical Oddesy or Nightmare???

Well here it is almost 6 yrs later and I still can not swallow much solid food and am not really any closer too an answer.. I did see a really nice neurologist 2 months ago and I am slated to go in for an MRI and MRA of my brain.. She spent over 2 hours with me and obviously, I failed most of her Neurological tests she did...Hmm, I know I said Im not really closer too an answer I need to change that statement.. "I" know what is causing all of this it's just getting doctors down here too understand it which still in the year 2008 is like someone with lung disease climbing Mt. Everest..
Anyway, tonight I went on the web and did a little research on neurological disease, symptoms etc etc..I just put a check all the way down the board because I have 99% of them... Then I looked into causes and ofcourse saw what I was already aware of. It all has to do with certain area's of the brain and nerve function... Then I looked what kind of disease could cause what I am having and was able too rule a lot of them because I've already been tested for them but then there it was staring me in the face and I couldn't ignore it any longer.. in big bold letters it read BORELLIAWhats that you might ask? In lay mens terms? LYME DISEASE which I have a 16 yr history of.
of course this is something I have been screaming about since I moved too SC but these doctors here just don't believe it but yet they test me for what THEY think it is and Im always negative for what THEY believe it too be and then I get the dumbfounded look which says without uttering a word" Well, you dont have what I thought, I dont believe your theory and well, I dont know what else to do with you and God, I hope she doesn't make another appointment"...
So, I have decided since I liked this last Neurologist I went too who says she knows I have alot going on symptom wise which can point to any number of things INCLUDING my history of Lyme disease, I am going too finally make and KEEP the appointment for the MRI and MRA this week, let her do all the testing she wants no matter how much hurts and pray to GOD she comes too the right conclusion which for myself I already know what that will be.. "Ongoing Active Borellia Infection" AKA... Lyme Disease that just wont go away.... Will post more when I know more..

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