May 25, 2008


I guess the old saying "you learn something new every day" is true..because today I discovered Nascar... Yeah you read right.. Nascar.... Zoom Zoom... Me? into Nascar? Yep... Can ya believe it??!? I've always had a love for cars anyway... When I was able too work I always worked in the auto industry in some capacity or another but today, I decided to sit and watch the Indy 500 for the first time in my life and I actually liked it! No one is more surprised than I am.. so after that I actually sat and watched 5 hours of the entire Coca-Cola 600 Nascar race and I liked that too! Amazing huh?

I never took car racing seriously as I found out a lot of people don't but as I watched and learned I realized it takes a lot of guts to get behind the wheel of one of those cars and go over 200 miles per hour around a race track.. Personally I'd be scared witless too do that.. I also learned it takes a lot of knowledge too be able to do that as well.. You need to learn a lot of things.. You can't just get in a car, hit a track and go..

So as of today I have now become a Nascar fan and have a new found respect for those who drive these cars...I also managed too find a favorite driver after reading about different drivers and their careers, stats etc and I choose.......... Jimmy Johnson who sadly tonight, had to leave the race early because his engine was smokin.. Boo Hoo poor Jimmy :(... Better luck next time..

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