June 17, 2008

Who will lead in 2009??

If you're offended by opinions about politics stop right here.. Don't read any further..

As an American citizen it is my right and obligation to vote but I know there are many out there who are feeling like I am about this presidential election.. I wasn't crazy about any of the candidates and I'm still not, but I have finally made up my mind and it only took about a half hour of digging through the internet to help me make my decision.

I was looking at McCain thinking, well there's the war and the economy, and gas and food prices and ALL of that is very important but there was one issue that was even more important too me than all of the above.. And that is.... the right too life.

So I thought well, Obama really seems fresh and new and really wants to do things differently and we won't have"more of the same" in Washington and he really stands up for the little guy (thats you and me if you haven't figured that out yet).. I figured he would be the ONE who would REALLY change things for the better but then.... I went and looked for his voting record while in congress and all the hopes I had riding on him were dashed..

I found that Mr. Obama now scares the hell out of me.. Why you ask?

While in congress Mr.Obama voted AGAINST a bill that would REQUIRE doctors to administer pain medications to those babies that actually survived a botched abortion (YES that does happen) thus, allowing them to be left to die in EXCRUCIATING pain.

He has also pledged to nominate judges and Supreme Court Justices who would extend and protect the right to execute (for that is what abortion is, legal execution of an innocent child) the unborn at any time up until the very moment of delivery.

Lets look at that for just a moment. There are those like me who see abortion as murder. We believe that a child is a living breathing soul from the moment of conception and then there are those who pose the argument that "It's not a baby" until such and such month.. OK fine, that argument has been going of for a gazillion years. BUT the above is saying that it would be OKAY to EXECUTE A CHILD right up until the moment of DELIVERY.. That my friends is MURDER pure and simple no matter how you want too argue it, it's murder..

These two facts are what has now made me extremely afraid of Mr. Obama and I will NOT be voting for him.. He seems to belong to the culture of death.. What is that you ask? Those who are for abortion, perform abortion, those who believe in Euthanasia , those who think it's OKAY to murder someone who is sick and suffering because after all it will bring them peace. If you think none of the things I have pointed out could or will affect you I suggest you sit and think about them a little bit longer.. If this country passes laws that allow innocent CHILDREN who are already 9 months in the womb to be legally murdered WHO and WHAT's next? The mentally ill? The physically handicapped? Is anyone else hearing the pounding of hundreds of boots slamming on the pavement marching in the middle of the night? (If you don't understand what I mean by that please go and Google information about Hitler and his Nazi's).

So I ask you, though we have A LOT of serious issue's in our country at this time, please please vote carefully and be INFORMED. Do your OWN research don't take what commercials and candidates say at face value. Find out and EDUCATE yourself before you cast that vote in November..

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