July 25, 2008

In Memoriam - Randy Pausch 1960-2008

Once again today I was bitterly reminded while some things always stay with us and we like to believe it's always the good things that stay, the bad can also stay and hit you like a bus just to remind they are still there too..

Today our society lost another good person. How sad for us all, mostly his wife and small children who will never remember much first hand about their dad because they were so young when his disease like a cruel thief stole him away.

Randy Pausch passed away today July 25th at home from Pancreatic Cancer he was 47. For those of you lucky to have seen his hour long "Last Lecture" on YouTube know all about him. For those not so lucky I can't urge you enough to take the hour and listen to this man and what he had to say. Here is a link for you. "Last Lecture Achieving Your Childhood Dreams"

Randy was stolen away too young as was my mother by the same disease. Pancreatic Cancer. This cancer is one of the worst cancers you can be diagnosed with because by the time it IS diagnosed it's almost ALWAYS a death sentence. There is a procedure out there called "The Whipple Procedure" that helps some victims but even with that you only get a few more years of life which of course is a lot better than the 3 to 6 months that most patients are given. As my mom was given. Within 6 months of her diagnosis she was gone. She had been sick almost 18 months with no doctor knowing what was wrong so by the time we did find out what it was her body was so weak and sick it couldn't handle much. She did the Chemo route which in some helps a bit but for my mom it didn't help at all.

Randy on the other hand led a pretty active healthy life and that must have been on his side because he fought a VERY valiant fight for the last 2 years. Doctors diagnosed him in 2006 and he made it all the way until 2008. For a pancreatic cancer patient thats like climbing Mount Everest and making it too the top. Sadly though, for anyone who knows anything about this most devastating cancer the one thing we all know and hate more than anything else in this world we live in is, we know in the end its going to win. Until more research money is given to the doctors for better testing and treatment, this horrific animal will be able to come like a thief in the night and continue to steal our loved ones away in the primes of their life... As I saw the headline today that Randy had finally lost his battle it brought all my feelings of anger and loathing about this killer to the surface and cut through the core of my soul once again. Something I thought I had, had better control over.

Randy was an amazing man, teacher, father and husband. He is survived by his wife Jai and three small children Dylan, Logan and Chloe who one day will understand and be proud of a man who with just common sense and simple words made an impact on people all over the world and be able to say "That was my dad"....

Randy may you go to your resting place and be accepted into the hands of God secure in the knowledge that you touched more lives than you could have ever imagined and with the comfort of knowing you will never be forgotten.

If you'd like to read the blog that Randy kept you can access it here Randy Pausch's Blog

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