July 26, 2008

Since Time Began...

Last night I was having an interesting chat with some online friends of mine. It started off with us discussing the passing of Randy Pausch and the sadness and emptiness his wife and children are feeling and will continue to feel throughout their lives. That then led into discussing our own issue's with our own loss and pain from losing those we love either too young, too quickly, or having had to watch them suffer and one of the participants in the group asked the question thats been asked I would think, since the beginning of time.

"Why would God do this?".. and then... silence.. the chat stopped moving, no one knew how to answer. There it was. The huge pink elephant just sitting in the middle of the room. Who would take the first step. Finally one of my friends chimed in and said after watching his mother suffer so long from the affects of Alzheimer's he has all but lost his faith in God. At that point I thought to myself and asked our Lord, "Jesus, what can I say to him to help? What can I tell him that will let him see through his fog of pain and grief? How can I turn his heart back towards you?"

And just as I asked that, suddenly my mind was flooded with things I could say to my dear friend.

I tried to tell him that in times of extreme tribulations in our lives is when we should look toward the Lord for all we need. Strength, comfort, courage, hope, love, faith and the ability to still pray and believe. For it is in those times we need him the most. For it is in those times HE is the only one who can raise us up, walk with us, and carry us when we think we can no longer carry ourselves.

Another person asked "but why would God allow a parent to be taken from a small child so young? Why would God allow natural disasters to take place where people are killed old and young alike?"

The only answers I could give to those questions are ones that I hold fast to and believe deep within myself. God is a mystery as is HIS Will but if we believe that what he allows to happen is always for our own good or that of someone else maybe one day when we finally come face to face with our Creator he will explain to us why He allows the things He does. It could be a lesson needed to be learned by ourselves, maybe the victim or someone entirely not connected to any of the situations we suffer through. There are times when we all get mad at God for allowing something or someone to hurt us but its then we must turn to Him . Even if we don't understand why.

We humans suffer much in this life, some more than others but I believe with all my soul that God knows what is best for me. After all He created me, He chose for me to have the parents I had. He gave me free will to make my own choices and even when I make the wrong choice as we all do HE is still always there for me willing to accept me with all my faults and while I may not agree with what He allows to happen and may suffer day in and day out with physical and emotional pain because of what HE has allowed I must accept it. And I do know that can be a very bitter pill to swallow but I must believe God has good reason and in the end if I am faithful to my Lord and keep his commandments even if I slip up but am repentant, in the end I will be rewarded into an eternal life as Jesus promised us all.

"In my Fathers house there are many mansions, if this were not true I would not have told you so"

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