August 8, 2008

OH! Heart Breaker!!

Well my John Edwards bubble has just been burst.. (sobs)... I always thought he was such a stand up guy. A good politician, a good father and a great husband who "seemed" to have loved his wife unconditionally. When his wifes diagnosis of cancer was announced, Mr. Edwards pledged his love for his wife and full support so, what happened Johnny!?!??!?!?!? I mean here is your wife fighting probably, the biggest health battle she has ever had to face in her life, she is fighting for her very life and what are you doing? You're swinging your manhood around with some other woman who obviously doesn't have the morals or self respect of a flee. My respect meter for you Mr.Edwards just hit an all time low. When your wife needed you the most you were stepping out on her. Truly disgusting.

OK, now that I've bashed Mr.Edwards and got my feelings about cheating on a spouse out especially when they are ill (stomach turning), I will move on to being a little kinder, for the moment anyway. Having a sick spouse and one who is seriously ill is a lot for some people to handle. That much wiggle room I will give him. It's extremely stressful and you most certainly need an outlet, and time here and there for yourself so that you can unwind and drop your worries for a while but, cheating is not the answer! Its the worst thing you can do. When your sick spouse finds out that you have cheated on them at one of the most crucial points of their life, you bring down their self confidence probably to the lowest point you can imagine and then there is the hurt. It's absolutely crushing to the point it feels like it will kill you. You are already trying to survive from an illness thats trying to kill you and then your spouse, the one you love more than life itself, the one you depend on and trust the most out of any other person on earth, helps the disease along and not in a good way..

I have been both a cheater and been cheated on so I can speak from experience. What you did Mr. Edwards is one of the most despicable things you could have ever done and the woman you did it with? Well there are no words for her other than pure and simple gutter trash. You say you didn't love this other "woman" ( I use that word very lightly in this case) and you're not the father of her child? As if this is supposed to make your actions alright? I hope you were both very happy. Grow up dear, pull up your pants, zip your zipper and get your ass home to your wife where you belong................ if she'll have you.

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