August 11, 2008

OOPS! I did it AGAIN.. & I'm not Sorry....

Well OK, maybe I'm a bit sorry...

For those who are chronically ill we all know what happens when we have a somewhat "good day" with more energy than we've had in a long time.. Yep. We go way overboard and, thats exactly what I did in the last two days.. Now no one knows why people like us get these surges here and there. It's almost like being in the twilight zone.. Most of the time you're feeling so lousy that the dust is about 4 inches thick on the furniture, clothes are all over the place because after you've taken them out well, hell, you're just too damn tired to put them away. As for doing laundry? It climbs up the wall from piling up faster than Ivy does on an old castle. Then, suddenly, you get up one day and it's like you took a weeks worth of speed! Your mind is going a gazillion miles an hour about all the things you have wanted to get done and now, you pop out of bed and Bang! Zoom Zoom! You're off too the races..

In the last two days, my house, I don't think has ever been cleaner and I honestly don't believe there is one stitch of fabric left in the house that hasn't been washed in the last 24 hours. The poor dogs were hiding for fear I may grab one of them by mistake and wash them to! Now the whole time you're whizzing around, cleaning, doing laundry, all the little things you haven't been able to get to, there's this tiny little voice in the back of your head and oh my gosh!, it's talking! Its telling you, slow down, you don't want to do this all in one day, you better stop for a while, Oh, you're SO gonna pay for this and to that you answer back.. Will ya please shut up. I wanna get all this done and damn it, I'll be fine.. Sounds good in your head but you know damn well this little voice is right but, you carry on thinking, Oh, this is just wonderful. I haven't felt like this in a long time, look at everything I am doing.. When you are all finished and the house sparkling, every piece of cloth has been laundered, you even cleaned out your husbands underwear draw and rearranged it! You look yourself in the mirror and think, yeah thats right, I'm good I'm good.

And then................. Day 3......You wake up and every muscle in your body hurts, your feet and hands burn, your head feels like it's been put through a blender on high. You drag yourself out of bed, look in the mirror and say, Yeah, I'm good alright, good for at least a weeks worth of sleep as you climb back into bed, pull the covers over your head until your next visit to the twilight zone.

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