August 8, 2008

Paul Newman, Movie Legend

Paul Newman Might Be Close to Dying

Paul Newman Might Be Close to DyingPaul Newman Might Be Close to Dying

Paul Newman, 83, has finished his chemotherapy treatment and has returned home where his loving wife, Joanne Woodward, and daughters will care for him.
Paul is reportedly happy to be out of the hospital and at home, which is where he wants to be when he dies.
A friend of the family says that Paul has been spending time getting things prepared for his passing. Paperwork and legal stuff - but he has also made sure to leave some things to his close friends, and his family is having a hard time with that apparently.
“He gave a prized car – a Ferrari with his racing number 82 on it – to a long-time pal. The sudden move angered his children. It’s especially hard for them to come to grips with what’s going on.”
The source adds that Newman has been told he only has weeks to live. Which might be true, being as he has terminal lung cancer. I’ve lost a family member to terminal cancer and it was not long after treatment that things got ugly. Honestly, I have pretty mixed feeling on chemo/radiation…but we won’t go there..
Newman has also been preparing one of his daughters to take over his salad dressing company.
Newman married his wife 50 years ago in 1958.
He has refused to comment on his condition.
My prayers are with Mr.Newman and his family and I will pray that he has a peaceful and happy passing.

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