October 26, 2008

Edwards Takes the Win but Johnson Flies!

Atlanta Speedway Pep Boys Auto 500! Carl Edwards took the win but Jimmie Johnson spread his wings and flew for a 2nd place finish.

Johnson had trouble early on in today's race with receiving a penalty for entering Pit Road too fast. So, penalty, one lap down. Then he was able to get the lucky dog spot and bring himself back into the race. For most of the laps Johnson was lagging way behind finally, getting himself into the 13th spot. With only 12 laps to go there was a major crack up on the track knocking out 4 cars and causing a caution flag. The restart was a single file restart in where Carl Edwards pretty much took off like a bullet and was heading for that checkered finish. At lap 4, Johnson who had been called into Pit by his crew chief Chad to replace 2 tires suddenly began speeding up and it was as if his car spread wings..Johnson went from 11th place to a 2nd place finish! It went like this: Lap 318 -- Jimmie Johnson is on the move with four new tires and passes Dale Earnhardt Jr. for sixth. Lap 322 -- Jimmie Johnson gets fourth from Kyle Busch shortly after taking fifth from Kurt Busch. Lap 323 -- Jimmie Johnson passes Matt Kenseth for third spot. Lap 324 -- WHITE FLAG: Carl Edwards continues to lead, but Jimmie Johnson is running down Denny Hamlin for second. Even though Johnson didn't win todays race it was just as good as a win because that was a major accomplishment after having as rough a day as he did on the track. It also showed the talent that Johnson possesses behind the wheel as well as the talent of his crew chief in making the right calls. It was a risky move making that tire change when they did but it paid off and thats all that matters.Johnson currently leads in the point standings in the Sprint Cup Race. Congratulations to Carl Edwards for an outstanding run and win today...

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