October 19, 2008

Johnson Dominates Again!

Jimmie Johnson dominated yet again today at Martinsville Virgina.

Jonson lead over 283 laps of the 500 lap race on a track that has the awesome potential to knock out some of the best drivers in Nascar today.
Martinsville track is a short track which doesn't give the drivers much of a straight away to gain any kind of a huge lead but, Johnson showing his skill as a driver and the skills of his crew was able to weave in out of the traffic that kept the race pretty much bottlenecked throughout the entire 500 laps.

With the final four coming up to the Sprint Cup Championship Johnson, keeps his humble attitude and gentleman like manner as he looks to the future hoping to make the Sprint Cup Championship a Three Peat.

Congratulation's Jimmie and Crew and we'll see you in Atlanta!

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