November 30, 2008

Do it yourself!

Well here were in the midst of the Christmas season and my husband and I decide we are going to start home decorating. What timing huh? Actually, the timing had to do with money and, we didn't have the money to start until now.. I am fully confident that the home market is going to bounce back and because of that we decided it was time to do some interior decorating to raise the value of our home so that when we can sell it we get what we need..
We aren't doing major construction. Just some new paint, window coverings, we bought updated light fixtures for the bathroom and a new pendant chandelier for the dining room
My husband just installed a beautiful back splash in the kitchen. Originally there wasn't one there. Just a plain painted wall which would catch every sauce, gravy and grease stain it could. We were going to install just some of those cheap tiles with the shiny finish but since we had the money we bought Italian marble instead. Lou just finished sealing it last night and it looks really nice.. What a difference some tile can make. I'll post a picture of it as soon as I can. I will post before and after pictures so you can keep up with our progress. I hope you enjoy watching our home evolve as much as we will.. Make sure to check back often so you can see all the changes. It's amazing what a coat of paint and some light fixtures can do.. See you soon with some updates! Here are some before an after shots of the new back splash in the kitchen made from Italian Marble. Hubby does nice work doesn't he.. :)

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