November 9, 2008

Has Evil Been Unleashed in the USA?

Dear friends,
You might think this post is a little off the wall but I tell you, it's not and I am of a sane mind..Most of you know what my beliefs and values are and if you disagree or are offended by them then I suggest you read no further or you'll really be pissed by the time you're done.

Now that I got that out of the way on to my topic.

Election night 2008, Barack Obama becomes our nations first ever African American president. Who by the way is actually bi racial because his mother was white.. I was disappointed. Not because of his skin color but because of his morals or lack there of. No, I did not vote for him. I voted for John McCain because he held the same beliefs when it comes to the right to life that I do. Mr. Obama does not.

The next day I was not upset that my candidate did not win the election and while I was upset because of my beliefs I thought it also wonderful thing that the people of this country put a man of color into the White House for the first time in history. It shows just how far as a people we have come. Or have we?

Tonight in a news brief the reporter stated that Barak Obama is going to be looking at some of the bills that President Bush got passed and may try and over turn them namely, drilling for oil and Stem Cell Research. President Bush's bill for Stem Cell Research stated that this could only be done on ADULT stem cells and NOT those from aborted (murdered) babies. As of this date there is NO evidence that those cells taken from murdered babies will be of ANY help to anyone. Yet there IS evidence that ADULT stem cells have millions of possibilities in the healing of incurable diseases.

A friend of mine, last week wondered if we were entering the "end times" or the "end of days" whatever you want to call it. My response was, that I doubted it and that every generation has thought they were the last. While this is truth, after seeing this news brief tonight now I am not so sure my friend may not be correct in his thinking.

If you believe that the murder, or abortion as those who support it like to call it thereby making it less of a blow to the human ear, is a good and right thing you need to check your morals. Abortion is murder. The old argument we always hear from the pro abortion side is "We don't know when life begins" .. Life begins at conception. The fetus if you will, is a LIVING organism therefor it is the beginning stages of LIFE.. EVERYTHING has a beginning stage of life. From humans to insects. If you're also of the mind that Physician Assisted Suicide is right as well then I must ask you, how precious is life to you? If we as a people think it's OK to murder unborn children and allow doctors to murder those who are terminally ill where does it stop?
Who will be next? The physically handicapped? The mentally ill? Where does it go from there? The poor? The homeless? Those who do not have blue eyes, blonde hair and aren't the correct nationality and faith? If you think things like this can't or won't happen I suggest you read up on your history. It already HAS happened and if we are not careful history WILL repeat itself only this time it may be worse, if thats even possible.

After seeing what I did tonight on the news I am now VERY concerned for the people of this country and what the future will hold for the next four years. Mr. Obama managed to mezmorize thousands with his smooth talk and charm. There was a time in history when this happened once before. As for Mr. Obama starting his presidency which by the way, he's not been officially inaugurated yet, by overturning a bill that would protect the unborn I have to wonder. Has evil finally been unleashed upon the people of America?

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