December 28, 2008

Beauty Picks!

Hello Chickadees!
Since we are winding down 2008 I thought I'd share some of my 2008 must have beauty picks. First let me start off by saying, just because it's expensive doesn't mean it's the best. I have tried many top of the line brands(wasted a lot of money to and have a huge closet full of makeup that just didn't cut it) including the Mineral Make up brand that started the whole mineral makeup craze and I couldn't wear it because it contains talc . Lots of people have problems with this mineral and it causes massive itching and burning on the skin. I was a bit upset it bothered me because the whole line looked great on me but such is life. I can't wear it. So I went back to my old store bought stand by.

For women looking for a good concealer I can not recommend strongly enough Maybelline Instant Age Rewind . Not only does it give great coverage if you apply it correctly it comes in a creamy form and doesn't leave creases under the eyes.. Creases are something us 35 and over women do not want.

The second product and one I can NOT be without is Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Highlighter. Now ladies This product while it is a little more pricey is a MUST have because it brings light to all areas of your face where ever you apply it. And anyone who is over 30 knows we get those "shadows" on our face now and you need to cast them away and this product does that!.. Put it under your eyebrow line for an instant eye lift, put it under your eyes just above your cheek bones for an instant awake look. No more looking like you only had 2 hours sleep. This product can make you look like you slept all night even when you didn't. Also, that dreaded 11 in the forehead. Put it on there and it instantly brightens up the area and the 11 is gone. Run it down the bridge of your nose for a nice contour look making your nose look slimmer. I also put it in the inside corners of my eyes to brighten my eyes a little more. One day I will make a video on how to use this product and you can see what I mean.

The next pick I'll discuss is Laura Gellers Baked Collection. Again, a little more expensive but, well worth it. I've been having a very hard time finding a blush that would actually blend with the rest of my makeup so as not to look like a circus clown and I finally found Laura and I am SO glad I did.. My color is her Baked Berry Blush N Brighten. She has other colors,just see which one is right for you. Not only does this blush go on with ease it has so many different color pigments in it that it simply blends into your existing makeup for a flawless finish. I'll also include this makeup technique into the video I'm going to make. So far I've only tried the Blush N'Brighten but I am guessing, if I know myself well I will be venturing into her whole baked line.

The next product I want to highlight is Smashbox's Wet Jet Waterproof Eye Liner.
Now we all have experienced problems with liquid eyeliners and those aweful pencil eyeliners. The liquid can take to long to dry and before you know it's all over everything as well as your eyes. The pencils can be to harsh on the eyes especially when lining the inner rim of the eye. Enter : Smashbox Wet Jet!.. This eyeliner is like a sort of cream and comes with a perfectly angeled brush. Perfect for putting it on the inner rim of the eye and it stays on until you wash it off! This will wear all day and night until you wash your makeup off and no more inner eye smegma either.. Eww I always hated that. With Smashbox's Wet Jet Liner you get none of that. So like the last few products, although this is more expensive than a regular store bought eyeliner it's well worth the price.

My last and final word of advice in the world of make up, Brushes! I can not stress enough the importance of good makeup brushes. Preferably the ones you can wash and keep clean. Yes I know, brushes can be expensive but with a good makeup brush you will notice instantly a major difference on how your makeup looks when you use a good brush to apply it with. What brushes do I recommend? Once again, Smashbox wins. They make awesome brushes.

I could make more recommendations but these 5 products, I think, are 5 of the most important items you'll need and total must have in your makeup bag. If you have some kind of beauty product you love, leave a comment and tell us about it!

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