December 31, 2008

Day one was a Success!

Today was day one of my tribulation. That of being a shopaholic and it was a success!
Today is the first day I actually did not add to my debt. I did not buy a single thing. I even had to go out today to the store and pick something up for my brother and mail it out to him but, I went in the store, paid with the money he sent me, and left. Didn't even look to buy myself anything. HUGE step there for myself. I could buy something at the post office if you know what I mean. Today was the first day that I didn't watch any home shopping channels, I can't if I tried because they are blocked but I didn't even turn to the channels. To be honest though I feel almost like a withdraw. It's on my mind. I really want to look at those channels, I really want to look at the online retailers I would frequent but I am fighting the urge. Kind of like trying not to smoke a cigarette when you're quitting. I also attending my very first Debters Annonymous phone meeting tonight and it was so great meeting others who are just like me, are going through what I am and there are others who are worse of. Not that I am glad for that but it's kind of a relief in the way because I thought I was about as bad as one can get and it showed me that, while I do have a problem with being an over spender I am not the worst there is.

The group was very supportive and it's run just like an AA meeting so I am learning a lot and met a lot of very nice people. You'd be surprised how many people you can get in on those telephone conferences and well it can be run.

So today was a success. I am FAR from being out of debt, haven't even started paying my debt yet but at least I didn't add to it and for that I am grateful and feel good about!

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