December 5, 2008

Lady Justice always gets her man????

That question is a debatable one especially depending on how much money you have but today, I would say Lady Justice got her man.. OJ Simpson was sentenced to 15 years in Nevada State Correction Department. Simpson found guilty on all 12 counts, the last 2 being thrown out as per the prosecution and agreed to by Judge Glass. All of this steaming from the incident that took place in the Las Vegas Hotel room on September 13th. Judge Glass also made it very clear that her sentencing today had nothing to do with the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Glass made this clear in no uncertain terms. Although, Mr.Goldman (Ron's father) and his sister were present today at the sentencing. I couldn't help but wonder what they must have been thinking.. Were thinking the same thing a lot of us have been?
Were they thinking that while this time, Mr.Simpson may just have been set up, is it possible that what we actually saw today is something called poetic justice? Could it be that the cosmos aligned Mr.Simpson's fate? While there is a very small majority who think Simpson is not guilty of those horrific murders in 1994 there is a larger majority who think he is. Maybe even Simpson himself. So, while this case was about handguns, robbery, and stolen goods on the surface could it really have been about those horrible acts committed so many years ago? While it may not have been for Judge Glass I am almost sure it is just that, for many of us including the Goldman's.
As I write this post, I do so with no malice intended. I have sympathy for everyone involved from the 1994 case including Mr.Simpson himself. While I do think he was guilty of those murders I can feel compassion for the man as well. He destroyed not only the lives of Nicole and Ron but everyone who surrounded them as well as his own life including that of his children.
Here were are in the year 2008, some 14 years later and Mr.Simpson, now age 61 is facing a minimum of 7 years in prison before he can even see a parole board. Thats if the appeal process is unsuccessful which is usually is. Mr.Simpson will not see the outside of prison if in fact he is paroled until he's almost 70 years of age. What a shame on so many levels...

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  1. Hey Robby. Great blog re Simpson, but in one way I disagree. I watched every second of that trial. I was fixated and timed my going out of the house when the trial wasn't being televised. There was so much evidence against OJ but the prosecution blew it and Judge Ito lost control of the courtroom. AND Johnny Cockroach(God rest his soul) was much more P.T. Barnum than a lawyer. If OJ didn't do it, then someone with his exact blood type and DNA did. I don't feel a bit sorry for him...he finally got what he deserved. :) JMHO!


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