January 26, 2009


Ok Folks Here's the deal.. I am PISSED... Our wonderful,hailed, even beloved by some ( I am not one of them ) President Obama wants to sign a bill that will fund overseas abortions and guess WHO will be paying for it? YOU AND I.. Now you may be pro abortion but I myself, am VERY ANTI ABORTION. I am part of the culture of life. I believe life begins at the moment of conception and NOW this president wants ME to pay for abortions in overseas countries? If he for real? You bet he is. This is a complete outrage and evil act. I Pay my taxes just like everyone else and I will NEVER pay to fund the slaughter of innocent human beings. YES folks, babies in the womb are HUMAN BEINGS. Guess you should be glad your mother didn't decide to abort you huh?
He closes Abu Ghraib and moves TERRORIST to a Prison near you but killing an innocent child is on his TOP agenda? I am URGING you, if you are of the culture of life, and you are Pro Life you NEED to contact your state senators, also your local politicians, you also need to drop a letter to your President and tell him this is WRONG and WE as tax payers of this country refuse outright to pay for his murderous bill.

If anyone who is reading this post is offended by what I have posted here, all I can say to you is, to bad. I am against Roe Vs. Wade infact, JANE ROE herself has now become PRO LIFE and realizes what she has done is WRONG and she herself has said 'It was the biggest mistake of my life".. I knew voting for him would be a huge mistake and I am glad I listened to my intuition because now I am seeing what everyone seems to think is OKAY. " A tree is known by the fruit it bares".. Well, the Obama tree right now is baring nothing but rotten fruit.

Contact your senators and you can do that HERE. Each Senator is listed by state. Find yours and start writing. Join us in the culture of life and stop the innocent holocaust slaughter of unborn children.

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