January 12, 2009

Save Those Candy Wrappers

They could be worth $150.00 plus tax!.. Recently, very recently one of the TV shopping networks offered a new handbag made out of recycled candy wrappers. Yes, recycled candy wrappers. Sounds like a good way to help the environment right. They priced the handbag at $150.00 plus shipping!.. I am sorry, I am all for helping the environment but puleaseeeee are you kidding me? Charging that kind of money for used paper? And, as you can guess some people are buying it. That to me, especially in todays economy is a blatant waste of money and says to me, the person who spends such money on something like that is completely full of themselves and probably has a tendency to be very selfish in all things.. Hell, if you have money to throw away, why not do something good with it like, help a homeless person, donate it to charity, give it to a family who has parents out of work but, to spend it on a handbag made of old candy wrappers? You need your head examined.

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