January 8, 2009

Setting The Record Straight

Did you all happen to watch the interview last night on ABC? It was the Barbara Walters Special with Patrick and Lisa Swayze. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to watch because Patrick is suffering with the same cancer that took my mom from me so I know what they're feeling,what they're going through and frankly, for myself I didn't want it to stir the intense anger I feel each time I hear or read about someone else being stricken with Pancreatic Cancer. As the doctors that were interviewed last night on the Walters show said, it is one of the worst cancers a person can get and I can tell you from personal experience, they're not lying. Patrick unfortunately, is in the same position my mother was in. Operation impossible, stage 4, chemo not working, spread to the liver.

I will say though, I think that Patrick's attitude is wonderful and I won't discount that it may be part of why he has survived as long as he has and as well as he has. It's also possible because he was in such good physical condition when diagnosed that is also helping as well. Whatever it is I only wish for him that it will continue.

I have been reading blogs and boards about last nights interview and some people seemed to be upset at the questions Barbara Walters asked him. The truth is, those are the questions everyone wants to know. Barbara is famous for asking those types of questions and she does it with tact and that is why almost every celebrity will say yes to an interview with her yet turn down 99% of the others requested. The other thing some of these nay sayers seem to not realize is, I'm sure Patrick and Lisa knew what questions would be asked before hand and if there had been any objections they wouldn't have been asked. Patrick wanted to do the interview to set the record straight about his health. Something he should not have had to do but, because of all the tabloid papers and TV shows having him already dead and buried what choice did he have? Patrick called it "an emotional attack" and he's right. Thats exactly what it is. When someone you love is dying you have to hang on to every ounce of hope you can. You have no choice or you can't go on, and to have someone come along and try and take that away from you is one of the most horrible things you can do to a person. To make matters worse, it was done publicly because Patrick is a much beloved Hollywood star and has been since he first hit the screen with his hip gyrating moves in Dirty Dancing 22 years ago.

This will be my first and last post on this topic as I feel this is a very personal issue that should be left private. Patrick and Lisa should be left alone to deal with what life is throwing at them and be able to enjoy and savor the time they have left together without any outside interference.

In closing, my fear for Patrick is, that the cancer is now in the liver. Usually when that happens the patient begins a downward spiral but, my hope for Patrick and his wife is that his spirits will stay high as they have been, his determination will only get stronger and God willing, we find a cure before it's too late for him and many others like him.

If you'd like to get involved please visit the following website to learn more.
The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Remember, Pancreatic Cancer is extremely hard to diagnose. 85% of cases, once diagnosed are death sentences. No one really knows what cause it and anyone can get it.

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  1. Nice post! Why make it your last post on the issue. Rather read and take action on issues like this than deal with war issues ... the killing fields here may not be as large as it is overseas, nonetheless just as important. The billions of dollars we spend on killing others could be better spent on finding a cure for cancer and AIDS ... just a thought. And, yes, I did watch the show ... I have high respect for Patrick Swayze and can only wish him the best while he honorably fights for his life.


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