February 26, 2009

Bail Me Out!?!??!??!

I don't usually get involved in politics or economy issue's but, I am STEAMING ANGRY right now and it's high time I've finally had my say...

Today, I went online and checked the balances on my credit cards. Even though we haven't been using them and don't plan to I still check to make sure there's no suspicious activity going on. To my surprise I saw that TWO of my credit cards have had their limits chopped! One by half and the other by a thousand dollars.. I was flaming angry.. So my husband called the company and asked why? We are good customers, Always paid our bills on time. Always paid off our balances. We aren't rich people, we live on limited means BUT my bills including, my mortgage are ALWAYS paid on time. I don't care if I didn't eat for a week my bills are ALWAYS paid on time and in full.

Of course the answer my husband was given was it's because of the economy and now it seems due to the government that so many people were so pie eyed with in the beginning have now passed new laws in the way that you and I are given credit. The way it used to work is on your debt to income ratio. NOW, they take all the credit you have in total and add it up and if they think you can't pay your bills well, you are now shit out of luck. You either get NO credit or you get your credit slashed by half, sometimes even more. How's that for paying all your bills on time?.. Still happy with our new government?!?!

And thats another thing. This whole "mortgage bail out" for hurting home owners.. If you are behind in your mortgage you get bailed out, if you are in foreclosure, you get bailed out. Now granted, I realize there are some legitimate reasons people are in foreclosure. Illness, loss of income due to losing a job etc. BUT not EVERYONE is legitimately behind for these reason. I know some people who are SO irresponsible with their money they just spent it on other things instead of paying their mortgage. Then there are the ones who KNEW they couldn't afford to buy a house but did it anyway because the greedy banks made it possible for them to get into the house. Now a year or so later they are losing it because they knew from the start they wouldn't financially, be able to hang on to it.. but wait, YOU WILL BE BAILED OUT!...Our new President is doing such a good job don't ya think? Billions to banks who still refuse to lend money to people even those of us who ARE credit worthy,all the while they're still filling their CEO's pockets with bonuses, all expense paid trips etc. Billions of dollars to car companies who priced themselves out of business and because of their damn labor union contract, agreeing to pay people who haven't worked in over a YEAR FULL SALARY to sit home on their asses...

So my question to you, our new congress and our new President, WHAT ABOUT THOSE OF US WHO PAY OUR BILLS ON TIME? Those of us who do everything we NEED to, to make sure ALL our bills are never late and our house payments are ALWAYS up to date? Well for us? Sorry, no bail out, no programs, nada.. SO for those of you who are responsible with your money and your credit, we can now all pay for those who aren't.. How lovely.. Aren't you glad you voted for Obama? I'm so glad I DID NOT!


  1. I be feeling you Robyn. Just recently my credit limit was slashed in half and now I'm being charged a late fee because I am now over my credit limit. Pissed you ask? YEAH!!!!

    As for bailing out home owners, yeah, I can understand helping those FEW out, but as for the others, oh shit no! I bet down the line we'll find out that the rich have also been bailed out because of some loop hole in the package.

    And as for bailing out the Auto Manufactures, Bank of American, and Citi Group ... F*%K'em. Their the ones that caused this recession ... let them eat cake for god sake!

    Oh, and one last note. For individuals like me who rent, how about bailing my ass out ... I paid my taxes. Out of all my expenses, rent eats up my dollars the most. I mean, it wasn't my fault that the economy is now where it's at and I got laid off. I've gotta have a place to live too. So Uncle Sam, throw some of that cash my way?

  2. I could not agree with you more.



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