March 15, 2009

AIG Strikes Again!!

Once again AIG strikes!.. Billions of dollars in "Bail out" money and what do they do? They are paying almost all of it, to it's CEO's for Bonuses!! Yes, thats right, BONUSES!.. But you really know who is paying those CEO's? YOU AND ME are.. Thats OUR tax money going into the fat cats pocket and our own government says "They are unable to stop it".. And why can't they stop it? Because AIG "claims" that these bonuses were contractual and must be paid as per the contracts.. So now, our government and big corporations both of whom put us in this hell hole of an economic mess are using the people to pay their debts..So how do you all like "Change" You know, the one everyone and their mother chanted back in November of 2008 "Change, Yes we can".. My chant was "Oh I surely hope not"..This affects EVERY American citizen who pays taxes and if this doesn't simply OUTRAGE you to do something then personally? You need to move to a different country because if we all sit by and allow this to continue we will be called the Socialist States of America before you can blink your eyes..

Do yourself a favor and visit Read about it, get involved and help take our country back. Learn what our founding fathers had in mind when they were living and dying for freedom from oppression and Im not talking just about the ones who signed the Declaration of Independence. I am including in the term "Founding Fathers" all the men who went off and fought, suffered and died so that today, YOU and I could enjoy the freedoms we do that NOW this new administration would like to "change".. Help take back YOUR country. Visit the 912 web site and get involved. If you sit back and do nothing then when it all comes down, and believe me, if this keeps up, things WILL come down you will have only yourself to blame. We can make a difference if we stand together, United, One Country, Under God, Indivisible! You know, during the revolution when our forefathers were fighting and dying for our freedoms they had a flag and it read "Join or Die" and what that meant was. Join us in fighting for our God giving freedoms and rights or don't join and die a slow death under oppression of the crown. Guess what folks? Here we are again and it's either Join or Die. If you don't we WILL be dying a slow death under oppression under our own government.. I know that sounds mind blowing but if you haven't been watching the news and seeing whats been happening and listening with an open, objective mind then you are missing the disaster we are becoming. You think things were bad with 8 years of Bush? After everything Obama has done who by the way isn't even in the White House 100 days yet things will be much worse than you can ever imagine if we as Free American citizens don't band together and take back our government. The one that works FOR the people. THATS the one our forefathers died for. Don't let them have died in vain.

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  1. This only goes to prove that rules don't apply to everyone equally.

    It's time to change things:

    1...Any company wanting tax payer's dollars, the government should place a lean on all the companies assets, property, and all bank accounts to insure that we get paid back.

    2...All wages, bonuses, etc., should be frozen until the loan is repaid.

    3...Tax dollar loans should be paid back with interest-25% sounds like a good figure.

    If any company doesn't agree to the above terms, then let them go under. Course, AIG will get away with their bull shit because our leaders in Washington depends on them for their retirement, etc.

    Like I said, rules don't apply to everyone equally.


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