April 29, 2009

Lady Day 2

Thought I give an update on my Lady girl..

She spent the day at the animal hospital again today.. Seems the dosage is still not high enough although her sugar did come down from 487 to the 300's first thing this morning when they tested her... So they gave her 12 cc's of insulin there today and retested at 12 pm. Her sugar level dropped into the 200's which is good but by the 4 pm testing her level was back up into the 300's. So tonight, I gave her a shot of 15 cc's of insulin which they are hoping will be the dosage for her. It seems that the higher dose they gave her today must be helping somewhat because she hasn't really drank much water since she's been home and this is the first night she hasn't peed in PUDDLES so, it must be working to a point.. Tomorrow she goes back to the hospital all day again where they will monitor her blood sugar throughout the day... God willing the 15 cc's will do the trick, my girl will be feeling better and won't have to spend anymore long days at the hospital. She hates being there all day, hell, she hates being there for 5 minutes and I don't blame her..Truth is, I hate her being there too.

While I realize I have 8 dogs, to some, that may seem insane or way to many to handle but once you have 5 and 6, a few more really don't make a difference. There's more than enough love to go around and no one gets left out.. Least not in this house.

Mommy (that would be me) is even getting better at giving Lady her shots.. Last night the first time I tried I missed and hurt her.. Talk about guilt? but tonight, got it in on the first try and she didn't even make a move so obviously she barely felt it.. Yay Mom!..

The rest of my kids aren't too happy with me or their dad (Lou) but they'll get used to it. You see in my house with so many dogs it was just easier to buy 2 big feeders and leave the food down all the time.. No set eating time etc..Some will see that as flat out wrong blah blah blah but you own 8 dogs and then tell me how easy it is to feed them separately with no fighting over food etc.. it's NOT easy BUT, now it has to be done.. Feeding arrangements here have changed for everyone..Lady needs to be fed separately because she's now on a diabetic diet and the food can't be left down because she will have access to it which she can't have.

So as of yesterday everyone gets fed 2 times a day now, their food is all measured out by weight and they are all in different rooms when it's feeding time so no one tries stealing the others food..To begin with we are mixing some wet canned food in with the dry just to get them used to the schedule because if I just plopped a bowl of dry food infront of them they would look at me like........yeah right... Sure..
So two times a day now I have to measure out and prepare 8 bowls of food and then have to wash all the bowls when their done.. Like I don't have enough to do right? But it's OK.. it has to be this way for Lady. I would do it for any of them. Have to admit though, it is kind of gross because I have to literally mush together the dry food and wet food in the bowls almost as if were making a meat loaf, with my hands so it all mixes well... Gross yes, but done with love.

Well this is day 2 for Lady.. I will post tomorrow when we know more..

Please keep us in your prayers..

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  1. Poor little girl. She's such a cutie. Robby, you're doing such good things for her, caring for her. Missed you in chat but understand that you were with Lady. Hugs and prayers for you both!



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