April 23, 2009

Little kids little problems, Big kids BIG problems

I have come to a cross roads I really hoped I'd never have to see..What do you do when you're little children who are now big children have gotten themselves into something they think is "fun" but also had the potential to turn into something life altering and life destroying?

You have to realize when I speak of "my kids" what I actually mean is, my brothers kids who are close enough to me to be "my kids" the only difference is I didn't actually give birth to them. Did everything else, enjoyed all the perks as a mom just skipped the labor and delivery. It was all so much fun when they were little. Seeing that first step,first word,first day of school, first school field day,first T Ball baseball game, first football game, first time being a cheerleader, first sweetheart,. So many firsts that you wish it would last forever but, sadly time is cruel and before you can blink your eyes they're 18 and looking for their own independence.

My kids haven't had it easy.. Not as bad as some but not easy either.. Growing up was really rough on them which is why they had me and their grandma to help. Their mom and dad weren't the model parents (still aren't but better). These kids dealt with a lot of domestic violence in their lives from the day they were born.. It's been a rough go for them but by the Grace of God and myself and my Mom when she was with us we helped them get away from all that.. They grew up into good people.

But now, one of my little sheep is straying from the flock and getting into something she shouldn't be. Some may think its no big deal but if you grew up with the kind of people I did then you would know that right now it may not be such a big thing but it could lead into something much bigger and worse...I can not go to my little sheep's parents because they will absolutely crucify her which, one, would be hypocritical and two, they would crucify her and I don't think thats what is needed..
I do know however someone needs to speak to my little sheep in a very serious way and I can't depend on my little sheep's flock herder to do that in a sane and adult manner so where does that leave me?

You see this little sheep of mine is very strong headed and has an attitude about as tall as Mount Everest. If I confront her with this, she will A. flat out deny it and lie to me and B. be VERY angry at me for even telling her I know..So what's a woman to do? I called one of my other little sheep today who said he knew what was going on and hadn't said anything because he thought she was only experimenting to see what it was like. No, I didn't like that answer but he has a point. A lot of young adults do just this and there is nothing you can do to stop them when they walk out that door. When I informed my older sheep this was not the case, that it seemed to me that my littlest sheep seemed to be enjoying this way to much, my older sheep said he would talk to her and then get back to me and let me know what was going on.. For right now, he thinks and sadly, I have to agree with him, it's best to keep it from the sheep herder's at home until he gets back to me...

And I wonder why I have so much gray hair......

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