April 22, 2009

Say what you will….

I was sitting here tonight thinking about living in the south.. Usually I’m pretty down on it because well, as most of you know, I’m a northern girl. Moreover I am a Jersey Girl and always will be but, having said that there is something I must say about living in the south that I have to say there is much more of here than I ever saw growing up and living most of my life in Jersey and what would that be? Charity…and I don’t mean, giving money to charity. I mean personal charity…People down here may be a little slower, not exactly as intelligent as their brothers and sisters in the north, live in trailers because it’s all they can afford, may be missing some teeth, not have the nicest wardrobe, car or the latest electronics but what do they have? Heart…
When there is a tragedy down here, no matter what type, the communities pull together. The churches no matter what denomination open their doors wide to help. Perfect strangers will come to the aid of their fellow citizens.  They may not have it all down here but what they do have they are happy to give if it will help their fellow man..And that ladies and gentlemen is something you don’t find much of these days……..

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