May 21, 2009

Buyer BEWARE!!

My Bruiser, as you see him here with his dad has pretty bad arthritis.. When Bruiser was born he must have been crammed in the womb with the rest of his 7 other siblings because Bruisy's legs were born turned in.. Now that he's getting up in age, he'll be 9 years old this coming November he's having some issue's with stiffness which is to be expected. I previously had him on Novox for about 2 months and while it helped it wasn't helping enough so I took him off of it.. I wasn't sure what to do next because the medications out there for canine arthritis aren't all the best so I waited. I wanted to see how he would do..

Sadly, its gotten to a point where if he's not on anything, at night time and, sometimes during the day when he gets up from a sitting position or after sleeping he has a really hard time even walking so, I knew it was time to look into something else. Last week I talked to our vet about the situation and he prescribed Tramadol and something called Previcox. I had never heard of Previcox but he said he would really help in conjunction with the Tramadol.. I trust my vet so I accepted that..

Tuesday was Bruiser's first dose of his new meds. He was to get one Tramadol 50 mg's in the morning along with half a Previcox. Then another Tramadol at night 50 mg's. So, on Tuesday thats what he got. Now usually I'm pretty good with this stuff. Before myself or my husband and any one of my furkids swallow any kind of medication I research the crap out of it to make sure it won't harm.. Well, with being sick, this time I didn't and I am now racked with guilt and I"ll tell you why.

Last night I finally got around to researching the new meds for Bruiser. I knew about Tramadol, which is widely used in dogs and is pretty safe and quite affective. Previcox was a new one for me. Soon as I put it into Google this web page popped up and it said "DONT GIVE THIS TO YOUR DOG!" and I thought "uh oh"... So I went and dug deeper.. It seems this Previcox is deadly.. Many many dogs have died within days of taking it as it seems to kill the kidneys, liver and stomach and happens VERY quickly. I began to read stories of people who lost their beloved babies and all the stories were the same. The dogs were fine for a few days, then wham, over night they were sick, vomiting, dehydrated, in the hospital with IV's and then dead. I was HORRIFIED at what I was reading...

As you can guess, Bruiser will NOT be taking this medication. He slept with me Tuesday and I held onto him tight almost all night long.. Woke up in the morning and he was still wrapped up in my arms next to me..I thank GOD he's OK but I have learned a very valuable lesson. Like human doctors, veterinarians dont know it all. It seems the manufacturer of this medication has been contacted by many people and their answer is, they have no regulation and are not required by law to alert the vets to any problems with the medications even though its stated in the information pamphlet that comes with the medication which by the way? Does NOT come with the medication. The VET must request it from the manufacturer. So I am really hoping my vet is unaware of the affects of this medication and it's something I will be SURELY "discussing" with him next week when I take in Lady for her blood work.

Here is a link to the web page I have referenced to. If you have a dog that is on arthritis medication or one day will be I can not urge you enough to visit that web page and read ALL of the information on these pages including the stories of the dogs who have been killed or made sick by this medication. I am SO thankful I fell across the information when I did or I could have lost my beloved Bruiser within a matter of days.. I am also going to be urging my vet to take this medication out of his inventory and I am going to be contacting whatever authorities I have to, to have this drug investigated and possibly yanked..

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