June 7, 2009

Sunday June 7th 2009

Today was pretty much action filled.. What I thought was going to be a quiet day after I went food shopping turned out to be anything but..

Where shall I start? I guess at the beginning..

This morning, Lou was able to actually make me breakfast in bed for a change.. He had woken up at about 4 am and went onto the couch. I ofcourse was oblivious to him getting up, never heard of felt a thing.. Anyhow, I guess around 8 am I heard him in the kitchen. So I layed in bed with my eyes closed thinking of how nice it would be to actually not have to get up and start moving right away. I drifted back off to sleep until I heard......... Oh my God! WHAT the hell is this!?!? I jumped up and Lou was standing at the doorway, eggs on a plate in hand just looking at the floor. I too looked at the floor and what did I see? Poopy paw prints all over the bedroom rug!! That snapped the cloudiness from my head and I figured out what happened..

As you know Onyx had his tooth pulled last week and so, he's been on soft food since because he can't chew anything hard yet. Well, somewhere during the night I guess his stomach had enough and he had to go...which, he did and then proceeded to step in it and I guess, decided he would take a walk around the bedroom!!!. Needless to say, my eggs were the last thing on my mind.. Lou went and grabbed our ever reliable Bissle Steam Cleaner ( a MUST have if you have dogs or kids) and cleaned the entire rug. Thank goodness for "Kennel Fresh 222" stuff takes out anything.. Because of the cleaner, the Bissle and Lou's legs holding out as long as they did, they rug is nice and clean again and it turned out to be just a glitch in our day..Sorry if this grosses you out but if you have dogs then you understand and if you don't? Maybe you should get a dog...

After that fiasco, I decided food shopping was out for today, Lou was having a semi good morning with his back, although while still in pain, not as much as usual because it was the first day of his fresh new Fentanyl patches. Tomorrow will be a whole different ball game but I figured, since he was doing OK there were things we needed to get to in the house that have been put on hold and it was more important than food shopping at the moment. So with that, we then stripped the bed, washed all the bedding including all the pillows. Lou then worked on his fish tank for a bit ( 3 of our VERY large parrot fish died yesterday), I cleaned up the kitchen real well, fed Lady, gave her an insulin shot, gave Bruiser his arthritis meds. Then washed all my bathroom rugs and did one load of clothes..

I actually got to sit and watch the preview show before the NASCAR race today which I thoroughly enjoyed.. Please, no cracks about NASCAR, if ya don't get it , it means you've never really watched it and if you watched it and still dont' get it you never will.. While waiting for the laundry to get done, I also made breakfast for Lou and worked on the baby blanket I am making for my neighbor who's baby is due in August..

I got to take a nice long nap this afternoon. Had to be two and a half hours. I woke up at almost 5 pm I was in shock! I got to see the rest of the NASCAR race which had a very funny finish. The 3 lead cars, Tony Stewart in first, Carl Edwards in 2nd and Jimmie Johnson in 3rd were all trying NOT to run out of gas for the last 10 laps of that race. When we got to the white flag lap which is the last lap the boys nailed the gas.. Edwards and Johnson both ran out of gas and Stewart had just enough fumes to cross the finish line. Although neither Johnson ( my driver) or Edwards ( my other favorite) won I was glad to see Tony Stewart get his first win as an owner driver. Congratulations Tony Stewart and the Stewart/Hauss racing team!

Tonight, I decided I would give Onyx a little white rice with some very plain chicken baby food mixed in to cure him of his "trots" (white rice always works)so I didn't wake up to tomorrow what I woke up to today.. Of course he scoffed that down. Dogs LOVE any kind of table food ( point: They shouldn't have it and if you give it to them make sure it's dog friendly. Most people dont realize that some table food can be deadly to their furry friends).. Afterwards I figured Lou and I would actually, for once, have a nice relaxing Sunday night and watch a movie together. Well you know what they say, " Want to make God laugh? Make plans".. Within about 10 minutes of Onyx finishing his Rice and chicken and Lou just putting the movie in, Onyx had a strange reaction to something. His entire body was trembling and I thought he was dying.. I quickly called the vet who told me he really didn't think Onyx was having any kind of allergic reaction because Rice and chicken are benign foods and he's had them before.. He said it is possible that he ate so fast he may have been feeling sick to his stomach and to keep and eye on him.. Well, Onyx did, Thank GOD, stop trembling in about 15 minutes.. I still have no clue what it was all about..So you see, never a dull moment..

After Onyx's episode which freaked me out I was finally able to relax, (Onyx curled up next to me sleeping on my side) and watched an entire movie without interruption for the first time in a long time. Oh, you're probably wondering what movie. It was called " He's Just Not That Into You" which by the way is from Sex and the City. Thats how it got started. In Sex and the City, Carrie did a column titled "He's Just Not That Into you" and from there a book was written and alas, the movie and yes, it was a good one..

It is now 10 pm, Lady has had her 2nd insulin shot for the day and I am sitting on my bed blogging as Lady, Bailey, Bruiser and Shadow lay here on the bed with me asleep and snoring.. Oh to be a dog in my house...

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  1. What a day, Robby! I'm so glad Lou was feeling some better and you both got so much done, but have to comment on the "dog's life". For sure, if reincarnation is a fact, I want to come back as one of your or my dogs. They're our furkids and love us to pieces. And we love them back wholeheartedly. Gonna have to look into that Bissell Steam Clean thingy. LOL


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