June 26, 2009


Today is June 26th 2009 and on this day in 1943 God brought into the world one of the most courageous, heroic, strong, beautiful, compassionate,loving,warm,nurturing women I have ever had the privilege to have in my life. God gave me, My Mother.

He blessed me with a woman who would instill in me the values that will take me throughout my life, help me get through the hard times, remember to cherish the good times and recognize the memories as they are being made. My mom was not only just my mom but, she was my best friend and at the end of her life she taught me the biggest lesson of all. She not only taught me how to live she taught me how to die with dignity and how to persevere even when all the odds are stacked against you.. My mom was many things to me but in the end she became and always will be my hero and I her greatest fan. I love you Mom and I miss you more than mere words can describe. Happy Birthday.

I also wanted to take a moment and make a comment on yesterdays tragic events. The passing of Farrah Fawcett was a very sad event. Still, we knew her passing was imminent even though our human instinct for survival, that everlasting hope we all carry inside of us wished for a different outcome. I pray for her family and those who loved her that they will be able to see the "Light" through their pain.

We also lost the legendary talent, Michael Jackson. Completely unexpected and totally shocking. I myself can say, I was completely stunned yesterday and still am today. Its almost like you're walking down a hallway that you've walked a million times before only this time, someone has thrown up a wall that was never there before and you slam right into it.. You know you hit it but you can't believe it's even there to begin with..People can say many things about Michael Jackson but the thing they can never take away from him is the talent he possessed and the impact he made on the kids of my generation growing up with his music and videos along with the rest of the world. There will never be another Michael nor will there ever be another talent such as he possesses. He will be sadly missed for many years to come but will live in the music we have all loved for so many years. I hope that Michael has now found the peace he was never able to grasp here on earth and I pray for his family, especially his children and the millions and millions of fans who are mourning the loss of this incredible human being.

Here is a video I thought was very fitting for my Mom, Farrah and Michael. Ironically, it's a song by Michael himself.

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