June 14, 2009

This morning I received many blessings and I am sure they are due to the grace and mercy of our Lord...Onyx seems to be doing much better.. He's almost back to his old self except he still doesn't like the one side of the house for reasons, we just can't understand...but, this morning he was barking and howling along with the other ones when Lou ran to Food Lion, something Onyx hasn't done in over a week.. He was also complaining at the other dogs if they got to close to me while we were hanging out in the den another thing, he hasn't done in over a week..I think his medications are working and I think we're on the mend even though he still doesn't like the one side of the house.. That still has me quite wigged out because neither Lou, myself or my vet can understand why...It's times like these I wish my dogs could talk.

The other blessing I received was a gift from my Mom. I'm positive of it. As I blogged in my last post. I had been wearing a gold butterfly charm because it reminded me of my mom so much because, she liked butterflies. I also posted that sadly, I lost is last week and never was able to find it.. It's been upsetting and I keep thinking about it.. Well this morning I went to french doors I have off my dining room that lead to the outside deck and before I opened it, there, sitting on the wood of one of the pains of glass, was a beautiful butterfly. Just sitting there flapping it's wings.. I walked up to the door and put my hand on the pain of glass that it was sitting on and it didn't move. It then flew a little bit and landed back on the door 3 times before taking it's leave of me.. I KNOW that was my Mom.

The rest of the day was so-so but I am grateful for the blessings I received this morning..

I had a subject I wanted to bring up very quickly... I wish that people would realize that even though some people may have a better income than others that doesn't mean, they don't have money problems like everyone else. In a discussion last week where the topic turned to income and how much people bring in each month a comment was passed and it was "And you have money problems?!?!"... YES, I have money problems. Just like 99.5% of the rest of the world.. Our income may be what some think substantial (which is a laugh) but we have money problems despite it and for anyone to pass judgment on that? You should look in the mirror and think about your own issue's before you pass judgment on others for something. People all over our country are having money problems and it doesn't matter how they got there, the point is, it is what it is...As Jesus so eloquently summed it up "Pull the splinter out of your own eye before you attempt to pull it out of your brothers"...

Anyhow, thats it for today.. Until next time~~~

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