June 12, 2009

Whew! What a day...

We finally got Bruiser,Lady and Onyx to the vet today... Trying to get the 3 of them up there at one time is no easy task but we did it.. As it turns out, the lump on Bruiser's back is called a cybatious cyst (whatever that is) anyhow, it's not dangerous. The doc lanced and it's all gone so it no longer bothers him. However, it will come back so Lou, my loving husband will pop it when it does.. Yeah gross, I know...but has to be done... Lady my darling girl (although she's making me nuts with her eating habits since her diabetes diagnosis) had her glucose check today and as I suspected, her sugar was low this morning. Only 52. Her insulin dose has been dropped to 5 units two times a day so thats good..

As for Onyx, still no clear cut answers to his changes in behavior except that the site where he had the canine tooth pulled was infected (Mommy always knows when somethings wrong even when others tell her everything is fine). Unfortunately Onyx had to be sedated again so that the doctor could clean it up and repack it. Because of that we had to leave him there for about an hour and a half. Lou and I decided we would take Lady and Bruiser home, run a few errands and go back and get Onyx. On the way home I was concerned about Lady's low sugar so I stopped real quick in a little crappy store to get her something to eat. Wasn't the best (some cheese and 2 sugar cookies) but it was all I could get at the time. Doc said to feed her soon as we got home but it's like a 35 min ride home and her eyes, to me, didn't look all that great so I didn't want to wait.. She ofcourse, LOVED the cheese and cookies which she shared with Bruiser AND Daddy... We went back for Onyx who was still pretty loopy so soon as we got home I gave him something to eat and a dose of pain medication. Tomorrow he will start his antibiotic along with some Amytripoline the doc gave me because he seems so nervous all the time.. He's also on Metacam for pain for the next 3 days. Right now, he's laying here resting comfortably on the bed with me after I just spoon fed him something to put on his tummy so the pain meds don't hurt his belly..

As for me, been a really crappy day..I've had another migraine today..Can't take these damn things anymore and I don't know why they are happening. I can't tell if they are true migraines or sinus problem. I keep trying to steroid spray the doc gave me but it only helps momentarily and most of the time the crap just runs down the back of my throat and makes me sick to my stomach.I've been swallowing liquid Tylenol all day so that has me good and sick to my stomach..

I also am pretty upset because I had bought about a month ago, a butterfly pendant made of 14K white and Yellow gold. The reason I bought it was because it reminded me of my mom. She loved butterflies. I wear it every day but, somehow today, I lost it.. When we got home from the vet for the last time I saw my reflection in the storm door as we were entering the house and noticed the chain I had it on was hanging on my neck.. When I got inside I looked and, the chain wasn't broken it had just opened but my butterfly pendant was gone. We checked outside, in the truck, in the house, called the vet but it's gone so, I"m pretty sad about that..

Obviously it was a pretty busy day and at this moment I am laying in bed begging God not to let my migraine kick into high gear again but at the same time, Lady is laying on one end of the bed, Bailey is above my head on the pillows and Onyx is spread out next to me, all resting comfortably so for the moment, life is good.

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