July 31, 2009

Makin the Connection

As children, if we are lucky we usually make our family connections by the age of 12. We know who all the grand parents, aunts, uncles and cousins are. We have our family world.. Then there are some of us who never make that connection and, some are lucky enough to do it later in life. I would fall into the last category. Because a lot of my family had already passed away when I was a child I have very vague memories but I always had a black hole I could never fill. Why? Because for some reason no one ever filled it or had passed away before I would have been old enough to understand. As of yesterday, I am happy to say and am very grateful to my cousin Joseph because, he finally filled that last missing link for me. At the tender age of 39 I have finally, for the first time in my entire life got to see what my grandpa Joe looked like. He was my fathers father who was passed on way before I was even born. I had hear stories of him when I was a child but never made a connection because I never knew what he looked like..I introduce you to my Grandpa Joe

the little guy on the bottom in the knickers is my dad who couldn't have been anymore than maybe 4 years old so I am dating this picture around 1947? Now I understand why my dad and my uncle Joe were such big men.. My grandpa was also. I have learned that my grandfather was a very resourceful man and one that didn't let impediments stop him.. Maybe thats where I get it from? When my grandfather was 6 years old he had an accident on a set of rail road tracks that caused the loss of one of his legs. I am told though, he never let that stop him from doing anything. I also learned that aside from being a glass blower, he was a sign maker and also owned a used car lot in 1953. It seems to me that my grandfather was a very accomplished man. He had a devoted and devout Catholic wife, had 4 wonderful children, many talents and owned his own business. He also must have had good quality morals and sense of family as these things were instilled in my dad, aunts and uncle and then passed on to us kids.

So, finally, the connection and missing link has been made for me. I know where I come from and who the patriarch of my family was..and I couldn't be any more proud.


  1. Great history...I think it's neat to look back into one's history and find out where we all come from. I've been doing the same in my Journal Blog (Bio). In doing so it gives me a sense of identity and belonging. It too has made me homesick. Nonetheless, finding out who we are allows us to understand why we are.

    One last note. The lady on the far right of the picture? Who is she? You look a lot like her.

    Thanks for sharing Robyn.


  2. Robby, I loved this and loved looking at the picture. I'm so happy you found a missing link. Your story was touching and moving and I really loved it.

    Hugs and love -- Moll

  3. Thanks so much Molly.. Philip, you mean the one on the end with the longer dark hair? Thats my fathers sister, my Aunt Elle and believe it or not the only one who is still alive in that picture.. She is 78 now .. Just spoke on the phone with her yesterday :)


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