March 8, 2010

Girly Girl!

As most of my readers know I am from New Jersey. Born and bred.. I moved south 8 years ago.. I also had stopped driving way back in 1998 due to my balance issues. Well, last year I decided it was time for me to get my license and take back some of my independence and that, is exactly what I did.. I had to retake my written and driving test, both of which I passed and I haven't looked back since.. It's been wonderful being able to get in my truck and go again.. Cars and driving have always been a huge part of my life.. I love cars.. everything about them and driving was always another passion of mine. I could get on the highway on a beautiful Sunday morning and just go until I decided it was time to turn around again and I missed that...

Now that I am living in the south, I can still just get in my truck and go until I want to turn around only now it's a bit difficult to do that..Wondering why? Well, simple.. I can't pump gas!.. OK, once you stop laughing and can see the screen again, yes, I said it. I can't pump my own gas.. I never had to! Being from NJ we never did. There was always a gas station attendant who would do it for us..

Today, I had my very first experience at pumping my own gas or should I say, trying to. Lou and I had to go pick up Lady at the vet and I was running low on gas. So we pulled into the gas station and I asked Lou to show me how to do it.. Sliding my bank card through was easy so I thought, this is gonna be a breeze.. Yeah, not so much.. The pump was heavy, I spilled some gas on my rear quarter panel and it smells bad.. The worst part for me? I got it on my hand!! My hand stunk like gas! I was completely grossed out.. OK you can stop laughing now...oh alright, carry on. I know it's funny..When this whole gas thing was done, we got back into the truck, I looked at Lou and didn't need to say a word. He looked at me and said "Honey, I'll make sure to always have gas in the truck, you still are and always will be a girly girl.

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  1. We can't pump our own gas here. Guess they think we are too dumb to do it. At least some people have jobs still!


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