March 8, 2010

March Update

Hello Readers,

It's been a while since I posted an update so I thought I'd do so tonight... For those interested in the ongoing Saga's of my husbands back issue's....Lou was set up for yet another myelogram which would have been at least his 15th one over the years but at the last minute he decided against it.. What changed his mind? The new pain doctor he is seeing who also does his spinal epidorals put him back on a small dose patch of Fentanyl... Yes, the same Fentanyl patches he worked so hard to get off of 8 months ago and successfully so...When the Fentanyl patch was added back to his pain medication regimen, the pain in his back improved significantly. Granted, he is still in pain. I don't think he will ever not be in pain but there are different degree's..The last 8 months since his coming off of the Fentanyl have been almost unbearable for him and of course, for me too as what affects him, affects me as well.

Lou and I had a discussion as to where his pain in the last 8 months was really coming from. Could it be something that happened during the last surgery in 2009? Could it be some new disc in his back that decided to explode? Or is it just possible that this intense pain has always been there and because he was on such a high dose of Fentanyl for 3 years, it was masking the exsisting pain and when he came off the patches it reared it's ugly head again?.. For months we swore something was wrong, there was a new issue or a foul up with the last one but, each X ray and MRI showed nothing..The last surgery all looked good...When Lou was put back on this small dose of Fentanyl a few weeks ago, as I state before we saw marked improvement. Maybe not anywhere near as much as we like but, improvement of any kind was a God send at this point. Lou and I deduced that his pain in the last 8 months was more than likely something that has always been there and was being masked. The reasoning behind this is, the low dosage of Fentanyl he is on right now, with the amount of constant pain he had, if there was another disc herniation, or something wrong with the last surgery, wouldn't have made as much difference as it has. So while neither one of us are real happy about the idea of him being back on the duragesic patch, if thats what has to happen in order for my husband to have some kind of quality of life, then we be it...

For those readers interested in whats been happening with our Lady girl.. Today we took her in for blood work for which she had to stay almost all day.. She is currently being tested for Cushings Disease which in diabetic dogs sadly, seems to go hand in hand. It's a manageable condition but it just makes treating the diabetes all the more difficult and, it has been extremely difficult trying to get her diabetes under control since she was first diagnosed last May...We should have her test results by this Wednesday...Her blood glucose was elevated today. In the 300's which is pretty high and she's lost almost 2 pounds in the last month..I am almost certain Lady has Cushings so my goal is to get her on a treatment for that and once that happens then we can finally get her diabetes under control.. She has cataracts from the diabetes and it has blinded her in the right eye. The left one isn't very bad as of yet and she can still see out of it.. I would love to be able to have cataract surgery for her so she can see again but there are a few factors standing in the way of that..For one, it's very expensive. The price tag for her sight will be 1500 dollars per eye and two, she needs to be medically stable before it could even be considered which, right now she is not...

I realize some readers will wonder why I am putting Lady through all this testing, why I am treating her, after all, she is 11 years old and maybe it's time to let her go.. My answer to that? if it was your child would you put them down?.. yes, Lady is 11 years old but she is by no means ready to leave us.. She still plays with her toys, still plays with all our other dogs, she still loves her food and her bed. Loves to be outside on a nice Spring day, still loves to stand on the deck and bark till she's horse just so she can hear herself and she still loves to cuddle with Mommy and Daddy... My girl still has a lot of life left in her and I am determined to make sure it's as comfortable and full of as much quality as possible. When the day comes that Lady is ready to "go home" she will let me know, but, it's not today.

For those readers interested in whats happening with me. Last Friday I went for an ultrasound on my abdomen ordered by my doctor..Most of you know I have been suffering with Lyme Disease and it's complications for the last almost 20 years. Most of these years I have had constant stomach pain and problems...My doctor wanted to look at my gallbladder, pancrease, spleen, kidneys and liver.. Needless to say, I was pretty nervous but knew it must be done. When the tech was finished I asked her if she saw anything bad? I also added that I knew by law she couldn't tell me but I couldn't help myself, I had to ask.. Her answer was "actually it all looks pretty good".. To me, that doesn't mean there isn't anything wrong but maybe it's just not that bad or it could mean that nothing was found.. The last scope I had in 2005 showed a small sliding hiatus hernia along with lots and lots of inflammation from my throat all the way down to my small intestines..I still can not swallow most solid foods and can not digest red meats or fats...I see my doctor this Weds so I guess I will find out more then.. In April I am set to see my neurologist and as odd as it may seem, all my gut problems can be coming from my brain.. There is a brain gut connection and since the Lyme Disease bacteria seems to have now invaded the cranial nerves in my brain and my central nervous system, it is quite possible this is where all my digestive issue's lay as well.. It's like trying to put together a million piece jigsaw puzzle but you must go on a scavenger hunt to find all the pieces.

The weather here in South Carolina is finally beginning to become nice again. Today was the first 63 degree day in many months...We had a long cold, cold winter here this year. We even had snow on a few occasions which is extremely rare for this area.
I can not tell you how nice it was to open the windows today and see all the Red Breasted Robins flying all over my Magnolia tree while singing their pretty melody..

Until next time....

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