May 30, 2010

Update! May 30 2010- Memorial Day Weekend

Hi Readers,

Just thought I would pop in and post an update. It's been a while so I thought maybe it was time for those who are interested...

Been a busy month for me as usual. Lots of places I had to be, lots of things I had to do...As for health updates...

Lou: My husband finally agreed to and started physical therapy for his back. His surgery was January of 09 and nothing has been helping his pain despite the heavy drugs they have him on so he finally agreed that maybe PT could help.. He had his first session last Tuesday and it went very well and the people are very nice.. I was pleased all the way around. But, as life would have it, our lives anyway, a monkey wrench had to be thrown into the whole mix. Lou was set to have his second physical therapy appointment on Thursday of last week. Our MD had put him on a medication for his triglycerides which he started on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, Lou had some side affects from it and he was a mess by Thursday morning so last Thursdays session had to be canceled. His next one is, next Tuesday afternoon. His trainer, Dennis, is a very nice man and wants to go very slowly with Lou. The first big battle is teaching Lou's stomach and hip muscles to learn how to hold him upright again. As Dennis explained which I agree with, this is not a pain reducing thing although, it may help in that area but, it's more a retraining of his muscles to learn how to hold his body up again which I am praying will in time, reduce some of the pain he's in on a constant basis..

The Dogs: Lady is making me insane as per her usual. She refuses to eat the foods that are good for. She will only eat her Pedigree so as of right now I am sure her blood sugar numbers are through the roof. I haven't done any home blood testing on her because I was having a hard time getting a sample but it looks like, tomorrow, I will have no choice but to, try try again.

Onyx had a pretty bad bout of Colitis and for a while there we thought he was going to need an endoscope but thankfully, he stopped bleeding with an extra added medication and new food designed specifically for his stomach.

Matty had a small seizure the other night. That was something new. No idea why my dogs have seizures. It wasn't very bad though thank goodness. Bruiser hasn't had one in about 2 months now since his Phenobarbital dosage was raised which I am VERY grateful for because he gets them terribly. Onyx had a small one the day we came back from grooming which does not surprise me. It seems when Onyx has to be groomed which is usually an all day thing, once he gets home he has one. It's almost as if the stress does it to him from being away from home. I wish I could groom him at home but the problem with that is , he has black nails and it's hard to see the quick. Thats the vein in the nail and if you cut it not only does it bleed it hurts VERY badly

Bailey is having some small issue with his belly so this morning I cooked him up some turkey chopmeat and rice and he seems to be doing much better. As for Jake, Lizzy and Shadow all seems to be well there... for now....

Myself: Well, wish it were more positive but it's not.. Have not been feeling well at all in a few weeks time. I rarely 'feel good' but I guess I should phrase it that I am feeling more run down and little sicker than usual. No idea why, could be from stress. I don't bother with the doctor much down here because the ones I see don't seem to be able to understand whats happening with me. There are NO Lyme literate doctors here in the south where I am nevermind any who understands the long term problems it can cause when it becomes chronic.. I am having some pain in my sinuses every day but thats nothing new with me..although it's a little more than usual.

Lately, I've been feeling more homesick than usual as well..but unless I hit the lottery I can't see any way for me to be able to move back home and I dont see anyone coming from out of nowhere offering to buy me a house back home so I am still after 8 years, trying to come to terms with where I am. I have realized that the only one in my life I can depend on is myself. Which is a good thing but when I look in the future it's also a scary prospect. I have no children of my own that would be there for me but then again I realize there are some people who do have children who aren't there for them anyway so thats something else I am working on ...I mean I am working on coming to terms about depending on just myself not having children...LOL.. I would love to but ummm it wasn't in the cards for me and I think my child bearing years are behind me now anyway..

The weather here in Myrtle Beach has turned hot and humid..I figure by August I should be REALLY getting tired of hearing the air conditioner running and paying the high bills but I will still have a few more months of the AC constantly running after that until I can shut it off..

I talked to Lou about getting one of those blow up pool jobbies for the back yard.. He wasn't too thrilled with the idea but I may just do it anyway.. I just want something small, low maintenance that I can easily fill and dump out.. Something that I can just soak in and get some sun for the Vitamin D which I know my body is seriously lacking.. I can't be in the sun for too long or my body over heats but I thought if I were sitting in cool water maybe it wouldn't be so bad ? Eh, just a thought.. We will see what happens.

I guess thats it for my update. Lots of running around this week. Have to take hubby to his physical therapy appointments, have to take the truck in for an oil change and have lots of errands to run including food shopping which I HATE...

I have an appointment with a new neurologist on the 15th. I'm not putting much stock in it but I"ll go and see what he has to say anyway. I'll update more after that!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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  1. Laura Woodward30/5/10 11:27 PM

    A pool would be good for Lou. Anyone who has back problems does very well in water because it takes the pressure off your joints and spine. Just floating works. It was the best PT I had after my back surgery.


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