January 6, 2011

All My Children Rant!

OK, I have to just ask the writers of All My Children.. WHAT are you doing!??!?! We have seen many comings and goings over the last few months and the goings have been rough. Lots of long time actors and actresses leaving the show..The dynamic is changing after all these years and I'm not so sure it's a good thing..

Take J.R. as the head of Chandler Enterprises and the Chandler family. While I like the character it's just not cutting it for me..It's as if they are trying to slowly mold JR into another Adam and honestly, I liked it better when JR was a nicer person. It suits him.. This whole "daddy' thing isn't working for me..

Next Annie.. What? Are they going to make her go nutso again? A repeat of last years rubber room scenes because of JR now?.. AMC writers? Listen up.. That story line was played out to the hilt.. It's STALE.. move on...

Next up: Greens and Ryan.. I LOVE Greens and Ryan together, always have but now Madison is in the mix and she's prego with Ryans baby? How convenient and oh SO played out.. Boring...Did the writers think they needed to do this tired story line again because Greens needs to get back to her ' bad girl ways"? Writers? We ALL know what Greens is capable of.. Skip the whole baby thing, let her and Ryan have SOME happiness before it all comes crashing down..

The new actress playing Marisa.. Nope she's not workin for me.. I don't know why but I"m not liking her in this character..It ain't happenin for me..

And how in the world can we leave out the Erica Saga's.. Enough already. Erica is in her 60's already and while she still looks FANTASTIC umm, her chest, neck and arms are showing her age.. Please cover her up just a bit.....Erica and Jack have been on that same merry go rough for how many millenia?? Enough writers.. Move on.. Put Jack with Crystal and Erica with Caleb. In Caleb, Erica has met her match..Caleb doesn't put up with Erica's tantrums and thats what this character needs.. To be humbled a bit.. I have loved Erica since day one but it's getting boring now...Jack and Crystal would be good together although we all know, this is day time TV it won't last but atleast for a little while it would be nice...

Poor Jake and Amanda.. They were, I thought on their way to becoming the new power couple of Pine Valley but NO, the writers now have to screw with them too with the arrival of Jakes EX coming to town who by the way, I'm not feelin the love for either...Leave Jake and Amanda alone please.. let them have another baby and become the Edmund and Maria of yesteryear...

As for Tad.. PLEASE find him a new love interest. As of right now you're wasting acting talent and he IS an integral part of the show.. You can't dis Tad the Cad..

Angie and Jessi will always be solid and it should stay that way!

OK, these are just a few of my rants of whats been happening on AMC as of late.. Oh and here's a tid bid of info, On Wednesday January 19th 2011 AMC will take us down memory lane when they air an episode of Tad and Erica's wedding!.. Yes loveys, she was married to Tad also at one time and Oh, Adam was a waiter at the wedding!.. It originally aired on February 12th 2003..Enjoy!

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