January 17, 2011

Don't Ya Just Ever?

Don't ya just ever get sick of technology?...I know, you're probably thinking I've flipped my lid.. Well, not completely but maybe just a little bit, no news there. Anyhow, Sometimes, a lot of times I really do get so tired of all the technology around us. Cell phones now do almost everything but go to the bathroom for you, we as a society are now constantly bombarded with news 24/7 both good and bad. People in the virtual world can be horrifically cruel to others because it's annonymus. All forms of real human interaction are quickly going by the way side.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you sat down and actually hand wrote a letter to someone? Sent a hand written card using the US mail, picked up the phone just to 'chat' for a while. Nowadays, everything is so impersonal. E-mail, online chats and texting have replaced all of the above and I think that is so sad. And for the love of pete, WHAT in the world is with all this "Twittering"? I can't even understand how to use "Twitter". I don't understand what the point of posting a sentence of 20 or so characters every 30 minutes to say you're eating a bagel is not only important but interesting? I just don't get it.. Letter writing has become a lost art. Towards the end of last year I got rid of my Blackberry and went back to a simple cell phone. I cut all extra services on my plan and now my phone is used to make phone calls, period. You probably are wondering how I could do that ? How can I get through a day without texting, or using "apps".. honestly? I do not miss it in the least. It was more of a hassle to me than anything else. Growing up, people of my age didn't even have cell phones. When you were old enough to wander from home you took dimes with you . If you had to make a call you used a pay phone. Do they even still have pay phones anymore?

People have lost the peace of silence because of technology. Our lives and world have become so loud with noise. Technological noise. So I make it a habbit once a week if not more, especially lately to turn off my laptop, my cell phone and my TV. I spend my time reading a BOOK, yes an actual book. Not with an e-reader, not on the computer but a bound book with pages I have to turn. I love the feel of a book in my hand. I also spend my time working on hobbies like my crochet, or needle point. I also try and spend more time in prayer which sadly has also become something that I have seriously been lacking in because my world is so loud with noise . I find it incredibly hard to quiet my mind but, I am working on it....

I really miss the days when the best in home technology we had was a TV that we watched once in a while, a phone we always talked on, maybe an Atari video game with Pong. How about you? Do you find the need to get away from all the technological noise? I know I do!

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  1. I often find that I HAVE to get away from tech. I crave silence more and more as I get older. "unplugging" and "unwinding" with books, games and conversation with people has become a touch stone for me.
    And I love, love, love the feel of a real book in my hands. Nothing takes the place of turning the pages. Though I will grant the fact that having a Kindle would be wonderful for traveling & such! :-)


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