January 19, 2011

Mr Sandman

Mr Sandman bring me a dream.... well not so much ... Last night he decided he wasn't going to show up at all.. Just like a man eh?.. Ahh, I"m just teasing, not all men are late or no shows but this Sandman he can be quite fickle at times and last night he was nowhere to be seen for me. I tossed and turned for two and a half hours to no avail and then ofcourse my body felt like it was in a vice grip because the more I couldn't sleep the angrier I got..You know how that vicious cycle goes. I finally nodded off somewhere around 2 am or a bit afterwards and then was up again at 630 am to take my medicine. I fell back asleep until 830. Needless to say my body is mightily pissed off at me today..Widespread pain, fatigue etc.. It's kind of like, well, try pulling your bottom lip way up over your head.. Yeah, thats kind of how I"m feeling.

We ended up missing our monthly doctor appointments today. By we I mean my husband and I . We see the same doctor so we always have our appointments together. I had planned on going to the doctor and then stopping at the food store to pick some things up but that plan went out the window with the no sleep thing. So instead, my loving husband went to the store and the post office for me while I stayed home , cleaned up the house best I could and cooked his dinner early so all he has to do is heat it up when he gets hungry..

When my husband came home from the store he brought me some beautiful tulips! Pink, Purple and yellow. They are gorgeous! ..His intention was to brighten my day and they did....Thank You Lou, I love you ..

I thought I'd share some pictures of them. They remind me of Spring which I know many of us can not wait for it to arrive!

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