January 16, 2011

Not as I wanted it.. As per usual

The day didn't go as planned but then again, that seems to be nothing new in our lives...I was all ready to get myself to mass this morning. It's been quite some time since I've been there and I thought today, is it..Well I guess all my activity from yesterday really caught up with me. I was feeling it last night but this morning by 10 am my body said "oh no you don't" and so, I didn't...

Oh, incase you didn't know, yesterday, Saturday, Lou and I finally tackled our utility/laundry room. There was just so much "stuff" in there and I couldn't stand it anymore. It took us half the morning, lots of energy neither of us really have and 7 garbage bags later it was all cleaned out. Cabinets and all and we can finally use this room as it's intended instead of a laundry room / storage / junk room. As most of you know due to my chronic illness I can not do a lot of strenuous activity and with Lou being down from his back surgeries for the last 3 years the 'stuff' just kept piling up. I decided that this year is dedicated to destuffing!.. I am so tremendously tired of looking at everything laying around and my new motto is, if we aren't using it, can't sell it, can't give it away it goes in the garbage. My husband, as much as I love him is worse pack rat than I ever was. He amazes me. The first thing we pulled out of one of the small cabinets was a light we hung under one of our kitchen cabinets over a year ago. Right away I said, "throw it out" and his response was "No! I could use this in my shed "when" I get electricity in it".. I said "uh huh just more junk to keep"..Well, Lou plugged it in and to his surprise, not mine, it didn't work so out in the garbage it went. One up for me...then suddenly Lou got on board with the 'throw it out' motto and before I knew it all the junk was gone and out.

It was a very busy morning for both of us and by last night we were both in a lot of pain and very tired and apparently it carried over for me today which should be no surprise. I knew deep down it would but everyone in a while living on the river of De Nile doesn't hurt either. Only problem with that is my body usually doesn't agree.

Anyhow, this morning I did all my house chores. Yaknow, make the bed, feed the furry kids, give the fur kids their meds, empty the dishwasher, reload it etc etc..By 930 am I knew I was tired and was still in pain from yesterday but tried to convince myself I could make it to mass. Afterall, I would only be sitting there for an hour or so, whats an hour? My body wasn't haven't and so by 10 am I admitted defeat. I was all dressed up with no place to go except back to bed. Well almost.. I spent the morning on the lounge in the den with Lou and the fur kids and then moved myself to the bedroom where I napped for a a few hours. Decided not to cook so I have eggs to eat when I got up and back in bed I went .. Ah well, hopefully next Sunday I will make it to mass.

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  1. I hope you're feeling better already and hopefully you'll be able to hear mass next week. 7 garbage bags, that's a lot of stuff to clear and to clean, no wonder you're feeling tired.Thanks for following my blog. Have a wonderful week.


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