January 17, 2011

Put "The Girls" Away!

OK ladies, this one is for you and my bleeding eyeballs.. Now I know there will be some, maybe many who will not agree with me and that's fine but I have to sound off about this.. Women? Put your "girls" away!.. and you know what I am refering to when I say your 'girls'..Firstly, as a female I really don't care to see what you have. If I want to look at a set, I can easily look at my own thanks. Secondly, where is your self respect? The truth is, when most people see a woman or a girl walking around with her junk hanging out of her top the first thing they see is "bimbo' in neon lights. You may think they see "Oh she's sexy" but I can almost guarentee you thats not the first thought that comes to mind. The thoughts that do come to mind are "oh she's an easy mark" "what a tramp" I'd do her but I won't keep her", "she looks like a lot of fun".. Is that really how you want to be seen?... I just can't understand why women feel the need to let it all hang out.. It does not shine brightly on your character and it does not gain you respect. You actually get the opposite affect. Whatever happened to leaving something to the imagination? Use your charm and personality. It's much much more attractive.

Women of yesteryear were very sexy and they didn't need to have their breasts hanging out of their outfits in order to ooze sex appeal. One of the biggest tragedies to come from this "fashion trend" is the affect it has on our little girls of today. At ages as young as 6 years old they are worrying about looking sexy.. Thats insane. When I was a little girl, and I am far from old. I grew up in the 70's, the last thing on my mind was worrying about looking sexy but todays little girls and teens are all about 'looking and dressing sexy'. Not only is that terribly sad it's also dangerous these days. In todays world we have a lot of 'women' and unfortunately not many 'ladies' anymore. So girls, do yourself and those of us who really don't care or want to see what you have and put em away!..

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