January 16, 2011

Up Up and Away.....

Well readers,

Happy New Year or is it?... Lately lots of stories have been written on the web and talked about the news. Oh wait let me rephrase.. There have been stories on the news but not your mainstream news such as CBS, ABC,CNN etc..If you want the "real" news you'll just have to suck it up and head on over to FOX news...To start this new year that is supposed to be full of hope you will see, higher food prices, higher clothing prices,(the price of cotton is going to sky rocket) gas is said to hit five dollars per gallon and oh yeah, for those of you who can actually find a job or are lucky enough to still have one? You'll  be paying higher taxes out of your paychecks.

Meanwhile the current administration seems to think we are no longer in a recession that it ended somewhere around last September..I am going to ask again.. Can someone, anyone, please tell me where these people live? Also, the current administration says there has been no increase in inflation so therefor once again those who need it most, yaknow, the forgotten part of our society, the disabled and the elderly will not be getting a cost of living raise in their social security checks. You know, the checks they paid into all their lives, some still pay tax on that money as well but, the current administration says no, there is no inflation.

The next time you go food shopping, buy some clothes, fill up your gas tank, and see the new chunk taken out of your next paycheck, remember, there is NO inflation.. Everything is just sunshine and roses!....What say you?

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