September 2, 2011

Men.... What A Trip....

Do  you know how dark it is at 2:30 in the morning? Better still, do you know how dark it is at 2:30 in the morning when you have no electric in the room you're sitting in? Let me tell, you.. it's DARK!..

For the last two months or so, we have been having a problem with one of the electric breakers in my home constantly tripping. My husband and I were under the impression that it was being caused by the outlet just outside our front door. Why? Because it seemed to trip every time it rained or so I thought. Thinking this, before Hurricane Irene was to come ashore here in South Carolina, my husband went outside and secured the outlet best he could. Unfortunately, the heavy rains came and yep, you guessed it, the breaker tripped. It really hasn't been much of a big deal. It would trip and I would just put it on. We figured, eventually we would have someone come and look at that outlet and fix it. That was until.... 2:30 am this morning.

I had gone to sleep about 1:00 am with the television on low like I always do but , I woke up for some reason at 2:30 and once again my bedroom and living room were completely dark. The same breaker had tripped again only this time? No rain..I layed in bed for a moment wondering what could have caused this and came to the conclusion that it's been getting cooler outside at night so maybe condensation had gotten into the outlet and thats why it went again. So, I dragged my tired butt all the way into the utility room and flipped the breaker on again. Just as I got back into bed and was getting ready to lull myself back to sleep with some boring home shopping channel, "click", the breaker tripped right away. Now, I was scared. That had never happened before. It always stayed on. Not this time. So, I did what every daughter of an electrician does, I panicked.

I called Mr. Sparky who is a chain of electricians throughout the US who have 24 hour service and explained what was going on. Mr. Sparky ( who's real name was Tony and a tired Tony at that) told me as long as I leave the breaker off everything will be fine and he'll be out first thing in the AM. Mr. Sparky (this time it was a Brian) showed up at 930 am. I was so tired because I was to afraid to go back to sleep. He went in and was checking all the wires in the electrical box and said to my husband "something is wrong with that fish tank in the living room". After unplugging and replugging in all the lights, Tv's, electronics on the one side of the house, it turns out? It was not the outside outlet at all. The heat pump on my husbands 75 gallon fish tank in the living room just outside my bedroom has been shorting out for atleast 2 months. When Brian (Mr. Sparky) and my husband plugged in the heat pump, it arced and let out a puff of smoke!...In the end it cost us 80 dollars we didn't really have to spend but Im OK with that as long as I know it's fixed and everything is OK now..

But I have to say, I really can't stand all these electronics and fish tanks, fish ponds(outside) that my husband has. All these damn wires all over the place inside and out.. Can someone please explain to me what it is with men and their wires and why they can't part with them!?!?!??!?!??!

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