October 19, 2011

Reading, Reading, Reading...

Do you remember the days before E-Readers when we actually picked up a book to read?.. I bought an E-Reader once. I used it for approximately ten minutes and promptly returned it. I guess I am just an old fashioned gal in more ways than I realized. I love the feel of a book in my hand. The feel of turning the page to see what happens next. I also love actually, going to a library and browsing through the many hundreds of books. The smell of a new or old book is also something I like..

Over the last few years I have become a ferocious reader. I can only guess it's a gift my mom has sent me from the heavens because when I was younger, she was the big reader and I could never understand how she could just sit for hours with a book. I understand it now and if it's a good book, it has become one of my favorite things to do. I find now, maybe it's because I am older, I am able to escape into the story I am reading. I can picture the scenes in my mind and what it must have been like to have lived in whatever time period I am reading about. 

My favorite subjects of reading have become History, be it United States History or European History. I also like Catholic reading. I love to learn about the saints, about their lives and mostly how the saints are people just like you and with all the same down falls we all have. 

I have a few book recommendations for you today. If you are like me and you like history I can not recommend strongly enough the America Classic Series. The first book I read in this series was "The Real George Washington, Americas Most Indispensable Man". This book was absolutely riveting in that it puts you into  the time era it was written because a lot of it are excerpts from letters that President George Washington wrote himself. It is the most comprehensive book I have read about President George Washington to date and I don't think there is another one that is better out there.

The second book I just finished about 2 weeks ago in this series was, "The Real Benjamin Franklin, Americas Greatest Diplomat". Yet again, in this book there is a lot of Franklins own words and thoughts taken from letters and diaries he kept. Another riveting read. 

Lastly, the book I am working on now is "The Real Thomas Jefferson, Americas Philosopher of Freedom". This book is also proving to be an excellent read. 

The stories of these men are amazing. They do not produce men like this today which is a real shame for every citizen of this country. All of these books let you have a deep look at what it took, and the sacrifices that were made for the United States to become free and break away from the European crown which at times, seemed almost impossible but, because of the fortitude and faith of these men as well as their deep held belief in the freedom of every man, woman and child, we are here today. These books also allow you to see the hardships these men, their families and others had to endure for future generations to live in freedom. I tell you, I do not think there is one man in today's world who can come close in comparison to these men, nor their excellence of character. 

I hope you will take my recommendations and read these books for yourself. I promise you will not be disappointed and you will learn things you never knew. These are books that I feel, should be passed down to generations and should also be required reading for every high school child in America.

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  1. Hey, we have a lot in common because I feel the same way. For me, nothing will ever replace the act of stepping into a book store or library, running a hand over the many book titles that interest me and thumbing through the pages until I've settled on buying the one book that will hold my attention until I've turned to the very last page.


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