October 17, 2011

This, That and More..

Hi readers, 

I apologize for my absence from blogging. Life sometimes has a way of commanding your time..

Since FaceBook made the horrible change of "updating" how it works, I guess they think they need to compete and keep it 'fresh' before some other social network comes along and steps on them. Personally, I think it was the worst thing they could have done. The new layout is confusing and for myself, it's made it hard for me to stay up to date with friends and family.. Having said that, I will be blogging more so that my friends and family can keep up with me much easier by simply clicking on my blog link and reading my posts..

Since I last posted , I have had some changes in my life. Some good, some not so good... I figured I would post an update for any friends and family who may be interested. 

Last month, Lou and I got into our 1998 Dodge Nitro and we were headed out to Walmart. I had to pick up a few things and for as much as I can not stand shopping in Walmart the truth is, on most items they have the best prices around. Anyhow, as we were on our way for once the radio wasn't blasting and we heard a knock. Upon listening closer we both realized it was an 'engine knock". With me being in the auto business for many years and my husbands self knowledge of automobiles, we both knew this was not a good thing. No matter where in the engine it was. When the engine is knocking you can guarantee it will be big trouble and big money to have repaired.

Knowing this I panicked because I also knew that we did not have the money it would take to have the engine replaced if it should blow and there also was no more warrantee left on the vehicle. So, straight to the dealership to see if we could possibly trade in this truck for another good used vehicle. 5 hours later, I panicked us right into a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan. Now now, I know what some of you must be thinking. A Mommy van??? Well let me tell you, I remember when Dodge first put out the Caravan. I was working in the auto industry and these vans were nothing more than tin boxes on wheels and one of the ugliest vehicles on the road? Now in 2011? These vans are NICE!...They are very luxurious inside, very comfortable, it rides like a dream and it fit every need we have. There isn't one need that this van does not take care of. So for us, it was the right move at the right time. 

As for health updates. I finally got down the University Hospital of South Carolina in Charleston at the end of September. I saw a gastroenterologist whose bedside manner was that of a wet dish towel but what can one expect from a specialist. The majority are all like that and it's fine with me as long as he is good at what he does. Right now as of this writing, this specialist is concerned I may have a partially paralyzed esophagus and or stomach. (yes, thank you Chronic Lyme Disease)...This doctor wants me to undergo 4 major tests that will help him understand what is happening to me and if there is anything they can do to stop the constant pain and inability to swallow solid food. More on this later. 

We have received some troubling news about my husband Lou. As many of you know, or maybe you do not, my husband has had 6 back surgeries. He has Degenerative Disk Disease which has also affected his neck for which he had a neck fusion in 2007. So between the neck and back, he has had to date, 7 spinal surgeries with the last one being in October of 2010.  Two weeks ago he went to see his surgeon again because he now has 4 lumps in his back and we figured out what it was but needed the surgeon to confirm and sure enough we were right. Unfortunately. The metal in my husbands back from the last 3 surgeries is now becoming unattached to his spine and that is why we can see the lumps of metal as his skin sticks out and we can feel them if you rub your hand over his back. What does this mean? It means a 6th surgery for my poor husband. They will have to reopen the 18 inch scar on his back, pull out all the existing metal and replace all of it plus fuse another 2 levels. It will be a serious surgery with a long recovery.

So where does that leave me in the big picture. Well, because my husband and I live in South Carolina, we have no family here and really, no friends. It's not easy to make friends when you are an adult and even harder when you are disabled adults who can not socialize much. I will have to wait until my husband goes through surgery and gets back on his feet a little bit before I can proceed. As it stands now, my husband, because of the tremendous pain he is in, can not care for me should I need surgery on my abdomen and there is a 99% chance that I will. I need him to be much much better than he is in his present state and in order for that to happen he has to go through surgery once again. It is not the best of situations for either of is but, as I often like to say, it is, what it is. We will do what we always have. Care for each other, live one day at a time and follow the path that God puts us on.

My latest hobby? Believe it or not , GoodWill shopping. Yep, if you're thinking huh? I used to as well until I started reading blogs written by women who just love love love to shop at local GoodWill stores and then they posts their finds. I was amazed!, at the items these women were picking up for next to nothing money wise. Taking an item that is as ugly as sin and refurbishing it into something pretty..There are women who buy clothing and shoes there as well and thats fine for them but for me, I can't do it.. I tried, I really did but for my personal preference in my mind I can't handle knowing they were previously worn etc etc even though I know I can clean them. I guess I am a little bit of a germophobe. But, if you can do it, I say go for it.. You can get some really great deals on designer brand clothing for pennies on the dollar. I wish I could get past my germ problem but it aint' happenin for me. For household items though? Ya can't beat it.. I bought a few things last month and worked on them, refurbishing the pieces into my own and if I do say so myself they came out pretty well. I will post pictures eventually.

I guess that will be it for this update, for now anyway. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to click the "comments" button on the bottom of this post and leave them there.  Also, check back as I have many things I would like to blog about....Happy Reading!

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