November 29, 2011

Hi readers,

Thought I would post tonight just some random things...Changes, Changes.. To my Catholic readers, how are you doing with some of the new (actually old that have been brought back) translations in the Mass? What do you think? As for me, I LOVE it!... I have been wanting for so long to go back to a time when the Mass was more reverent and with all these changes it most certainly is.. Now we just have to have some Latin slipped in there and we'll be really good!..I can hear the grumbling from people now.. Latin? Are you serious? I sure am .. Latin is the language of our Church and I would absolutely love to have some Latin slipped back into the Mass.

Speaking of Latin, ironically enough I have taken it upon myself to learn how to speak Latin. So far I am starting with the prayers of the Rosary.. I have the Ave Maria down pat, am getting there with the Our Father and have some ways to go with the other Rosary prayers but, I"ll get there.. I say ironically because, believe it or not, I will never forget this. In the 6th grade I was so excited to be able to choose what was called "Elective Classes" back then. Such as Typing, Spanish etc. Well, I had chosen Spanish and Typing. Those 2 classes were so popular I got stuck in Homeck which wasn't too bad but then instead of Spanish, I was put in Latin!!  Yikes! and I absolutely  ABHORRED it! It confused me, I couldn't understand any of the principles and I couldn't wait to get out of the class. Needless to say, I did not apply myself and I flunked out of it. Now, here I am all these years later and I'm trying to learn, yep, Latin!.. Ironic isn't it?

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all my readers. I hope you had a wonderful holiday spent with good friends and or family and good food. As for Mr G. (my husband) and myself, we don't really do anything for Thanksgiving, Truth is, it was never one of my favorite holidays since I was a child and I've never been crazy about turkey either. Just the cold left overs the next day. Since my family still lives in NJ, it was just Mr. G. and me so I didn't even cook. It didn't help that we both haven't been feeling well in a while either so, we just spent the day taking it easy doing pretty much nothing. We are thankful everyday for each other and what we have, we really don't need a certain day to be thankful. That's just us though and I know we are probably out of the ordinary but, it works for us.

Have any of you began your Christmas shopping and decorating? I haven't done either yet.. I am hoping to have the tree up by this weekend. As for gifts, Mr. G. and I don't usually exchange gifts for a few reasons. We usually don't have the money and most times if there is something we want throughout the year and we can afford it we buy it. This year we will exchange 2 or 3 gifts with each other and that will be it. I will probably cook a big Italian meal for Christmas day and we will attend Mass. What are you doing for Christmas and do you have any traditions you do every year?

I haven't been spending a lot of time on Facebook anymore.. it's become such a time suck. Really. You log on and before you know it 3 hours have passed. What I've been doing is, going on here and there, chatting with some friends, checking on my farm. Yes, I admit it. I am a Farmville addict..You got me.. and then I am off. The most time I spend now on FaceBook is maybe an hour here and there where I used to spend hours at a time..Without being on Facebook so much I am back to working on my crafts, getting things done around my house, watching programs I've been wanting to see (thank goodness for DVR's) and reading my books again.

I am currently, anxiously awaiting a new book , well it's a used book from Amazon about Saint Therese of Lisieux. I learned the other night a little about her and saw that, she and I have a lot in common and I was instantly attracted to her. I can't wait to learn all about her. I bought the book used because it was half the price and in good condition. Why pay retail if you don't have to?

Speaking of retail, did anyone do any "Black Friday or Cyber Monday" shopping? Personally I think Black Friday has gone way beyond it's original intention and now its just an excuse for people to act like animals and retailers to encourage that behavior for the all mighty dollar.  I have never gone out on Black Friday an I won't ..Nothing is worth that to me. I did however do some "Cyber Monday" shopping online. Not much though. Some make up sites were having huge site wide 50% off sales so I took advantage and got some items I've been wanting to try but wouldn't pay retail for. Now I can't wait to get my "haul" as they call it..

Well, I guess that will be it for this post.. Please feel free to comment and also tell me about your Thanksgiving and Christmas plans..

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