December 30, 2011

And So It Goes...

Hello my readers,

I pray you all had a wonderful blessed Christmas. Remember Christmas isn't over yet. Atleast, not for Christians. Christmas is 12 days long, not 1 day long.. I myself had a nice Christmas, although I was and always am missing loved ones it was still, a nice Christmas spent with my husband. I spent a lot of time meditating on the Nativity and the Baby Jesus and the light , hope and salvation that was brought into the world with His birth. I thought about Mary being so obedient and loving to Our Eternal Father and Joseph also being chosen as Mary was, and he also being obedient and loving to the Eternal Father. Mr L and I exchanged a few small gifts together on Christmas morning which was really nice and then I made him a nice Italian Christmas meal. I spoke to all my family up in New Jersey and I received the best Christmas gift of all. After 9 years of being apart my nephew Eric will be coming to see me January 5th for a whole week!.. Now I just have to find a way to keep him here.. Still working on that part..

We had a house guest with us for the week. Her name is Bindy and she is my neighbors dog.. She is such a wonderful little girl. So well behaved. Wish my 7 furkids would take some lessons from her but alas, they are all different and we love them just as they are. The furry kids each got a Christmas stocking on Christmas morning as well filled with a new squeaky toy and some delicious treats only a 4 legged child would love. hmmm, maybe some humans too but not this human.

A quick update on the health statuses. Mine is well, status quo.. Still have the same issue's and no, the doctors can't seem to figure them out...At my last doctor appointment I had a bunch of blood work taken and am being tested for Lupus but haven't gotten those results in yet..I know I could call but I think, I'll wait until after the new year....As for my husband, well he was supposed to undergo a 7th surgery which will be a very serious one due to the risks of infection as they will have to pretty much open up his entire back. This is what we were told at the end of November. We had an appointment on the 7th of December to see if the surgeon had everything set up and get the surgery date. Well,suddenly his surgeon changed his mind  *huh? what?* he now wants my husbands to try a stimulator. My brain did a 360 spin inside my skull.. How on earth a stimulator is going to help his pain when it's being caused by metal pulling away from his spine is beyond me and most others I speak to as well.  His surgeon is a really nice guy but as  I have been telling my husband since we met him last year, "something is off about him" and in my mind this complete 360 just proved it so now, we are off for a consultation with a new surgeon and are awaiting an appointment call from them. Until then, my husband suffers in horrendous pain despite the many many medications he's on.

Chhhhhh-Changesssss...Yes, I am trying to make some changes in my life so its a bit less chaotic. You would think that for two people, that would be myself and Mr. L. who are disabled and home all the time how chaotic can it be? Well add in all our doctor appointments, surgeries, tests and 7 dogs, it can be VERY chaotic.. Add to this mixture all the noise the world of technology brings with it. Computer, tablet computers, smart phones, video games and it's never ending noise. I noticed that it has become like a black hole that just sucks you in and you can't get out until you're exhausted and it also doesn't leave time for much of anything else. I have decided to start cutting down on some of this 'noise' so I can get to things that really matter to me and really make me happy. First up is, more time for prayer and reading. Through all our trials and tribulations God is good and how can we know Him if we never spend any time with Him or listen to Him? If we are always so embroiled in doing 'things' and ' listening to the worlds noise"? but then, we always expect Him to answer all our prayers just as we want yet we give nothing of ourselves to Him. That for me is changing.

No longer do I listen to the TV all day, I do not spend hours on the computer anymore. Between Facebook and being that I have become a super Blog Hog of a reader, yes I admit it, I LOVE reading blogs, you can get so lost in them before you know it 4 hours has passed. What I am trying to get in the habit of is, no TV except only 15 minutes in the morning to see whats happening in the world of news, then at night I watch my local weather forecast. When my TV shows that I like come back on I will DVR them and watch them at a time I chose and not all at once. I want to get back to working on whatever craft happens to interest me at the time and reading my books. I know many have the E readers now and yes my Tablet is also e reader capable but yet, I still love the feel of a real book in my hand and I love spiritual reading. Catholic reading, about Our Lady, Our Lord, The Church, the Saints.. I am just finishing up now a book called " St. Terese The Story of A Soul"..and I have two books on Mother Theresa coming in from Amazon. That is if, Mr L. ever gets around to ordering them. I also buy used books from Amazon. Most of the time they are nearly new like condition for a fraction of the cost of a new book and they are even cheaper than an E Book and the best part is, when I am done with them I can pass them onto someone else.

As for New Year resolutions, I don't make them and haven't in years. To me, making these silly things is for most of us, setting ourselves up for failure... I have some "things I would like to accomplish" next year but I will not swear to them.
There are a few things I will try and get done though and they are:

1. Attempt to quit smoking again and hopefully succeed this time.
2. See if I can find affordable dental coverage for my husband and myself.
3.Try and get my house more organized. If I don't use it or love it, it goes.
4. Get my home office organized. It's a mess!.
5.Try hard as I can to scrimp and save money.
6. No more impulse shopping. If I don't need it I won't buy it.

These are but a few things and as I said, I don't make any promises, I take each day as God gives it to me and I follow His path for my life. For me, that is all I need.

I think this will be my last post for the year 2011. No need to rehash all the things that happened in our world and country this year as it's all over the TV and news ad nauseum...So without further ado, I wish you all a happy, healthy. blessed, safe, and prosperous 2012.


  1. Those are some great goals. you know when we decided to make a change about two years ago we read America's Cheapest Family and literally changed my world. They way I shopped ....everything. I really recommend this book. I found it at the library and it was a life saver with great money saving advice that was actually doable:>

  2. Thanks for the book recommendation Danielle. I've heard of it before but don't know much about it.. Im glad you found it at the library because that means I can probably get it at mine and after what you've said I think I'll do that this week! Thanks again :)


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